'NBA 2K11': Is it the shoes?

As gamers play through "NBA 2K11" they will constantly be rewarded with new pairs of cyber shoes. There are 40 shoes total in the game including 25 pairs of Air Jordans along with the CP3s, Melo 5s, and other shoes from the Jordan line to fill out the closet.

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Dellis3043d ago

Pre-order this game now, it will sell out, I hope 2k is ready

to supply for the major demand.

Sub-Zero853043d ago

I got my copy reserved already and since the Bulls is my NBA team I really cant wait !!!! GO BULLS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mc Nasty3043d ago

Its been awhile since i bought a 2k basketball games but this year I been getting very hyped for it, I think i might have to get it. Everytime I see something new about it, it makes me want it even more.

* Lets get NASTY!!

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The story is too old to be commented.