GameSpot: Fighters Uncaged Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "Fighting games are a pretty natural fit for motion controls, regardless of the technology involved, but Sony was first out of the gate with a fighting game that reflects a more mature sensibility for its PlayStation Move platform. But Ubisoft has answered with a brutal (but not bloody) motion-controlled fighter of its own for Microsoft’s Kinect hardware called Fighters Uncaged. As you can imagine, the whole point of Fighters Uncaged is to have the Kinect camera translate your real-life punches and kicks into in-game actions that approximate the real thing. When you throw a punch, your in-game avatar throws a punch".

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Bigpappy3011d ago

He felt a bit of lag until he got used to the game and he could not pull of the sweep kick. There is a tutorial there to help you learn how to pull of the complex moves. You need to train to pull off the deeper move set. I read that in yesturdays preview. You are welcome.

poindat3011d ago

The problem, especially with the more complex moves, is that not everyone has the room for such a thing, unless they want to break some furniture. I know that I sure as hell wouldn't physically be able to play this game.

It's a SEVERE oversight on Microsoft and Kinect game developers' parts, and one that will continue to plague the machine and the games until it's time has passed.

I believe that this game and Kinect as a whole is one of those things that sounds excellent on paper, but probably doesn't work so well in reality due to a variety of factors.

air13011d ago

what tha? how small is your living room? or are you just being sarcastic?

poindat3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Well let's just say that I have to use my bed as a seat. You can imagine how little space I have to work with.

I also know that I'm not alone in this. I've got friends with proper gaming rooms, but still for some reason or another would be difficult or uncomfortable to stand up and perform roundhouse kicks in. Things such as this DO take a fair amount of room.

air13011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

i get the picture, its in your room and not the living room..

well i see your point if you cant do a round house kick and even if you can and you do like it you dont have the room anyway.

i dont have a huge living room but i have hardwood floors with sliders on my sofa, makes it very easy to move and gives me about 10' from wall to tv. im going to be all over this bad boy and moves fight too. cant wait..

man, you need to upgrade you cant do motion anything, no wonder why you hate it

testerg353011d ago

GWave must really want Kinect. He's in every Kinect story.

R2D23011d ago

is the leader of the Kinect fan club.

TheTeam063011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

has a fanbase. They're right above me.

SIdepocket3011d ago

GWAVE must not be very well endowed in real life if he has to keep bolstering his e-peen by attacking putting down the Xbox and Kinetic.

badkolo3011d ago

now they are trying to downplay LAG.

TOO PAWNED3011d ago

just another MS copy, nothing new here

Salvadore3011d ago

It's developed by Ubisoft, how is it a MS copy?

TOO PAWNED3011d ago

because i say so, happy?

nygamer283011d ago

becaus you say so?....proof that ps3 fanboys go by what they want to believe and whats FACT!

ontopic:this game looks ok

DigitalRaptor3011d ago

Here we go again with claiming fanboy superiority.

What you mean is "proof that all fanboys go by what they want to believe and whats FACT!"

360 fanboys are no different!

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