DualShockers: Dragon Age: Origins - Leliana's Song Review

DualShockers writes, "With this exception of the launch-day DLC, this is the first extra content I’ve played for Dragon Age: Origins. Why did this one appeal to me so much? I’m a big fan of extra content that explores the back-story of various characters, especially ones that were focused on to some extent in the main story. Leliana’s background was hinted at during the quest to quell the Blight during the main game’s story, but it was always shrouded in mystery. She was actually one of my favorite characters throughout the game because of this. I was pretty stoked, then, to find out that Bioware had worked up a DLC story just to flesh out her life before the events of the main game...."

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Hitman07692958d ago

I really need to pick up this game. I was considering either this or Demons Souls and grabbed the latter but really would have liked the in-depth story factor of Dragon Age (though I do find the crippling difficulty of Demons Souls enjoyable as well).

This DLC pack sounds pretty interesting to say the least. I like how Bioware is going all out to create the universe of Dragon Age with so much content and backstory.

Games4M - Rob2958d ago

yeah i went with demon souls too. I was pondering on getting this but it seems a bit pointless now they have announced Dragon Age 2.

Chadness2958d ago

This is still a worthwhile game to play through, at least once. Although I'd recommend the PC version, as the other two are apparently a bit lackluster for various reasons - mostly graphical.

Games4M - Rob2958d ago

hmmm, it always just seemed like a poor mans Oblivion from what i have seen of it. I'll probably get it when it hits the bargain bin.

Ninferno2958d ago

sounds like the DLC is exactly what i expected.

Ruckus2958d ago

I kept hearing really mixed reviews about this game, but it sounds like the DLC will probably sell well.

thevokillist2958d ago

I wasn't able to finish DA:O when I went through it, I'll have to pick it back up soon.

taz80802958d ago

I like how they are keeping the original alive via DLC until their second title releases. It would be great if they could tie them together somehow Ike they did this DLC

dkblackhawk502958d ago

It would be nice but would they do that?

Hitman07692958d ago

Seeing as its such a heavily story-based title I would say yes.

Malebaria2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

By far my favourite DLC for the game. Can´t recommend it enough if you like DA:O.

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