Is HD-DVD Really Dead?

Is it really dead? Or is just warming up for the fight? TotalGamerZone explains why it may just be getting started for the long haul.

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orange144061d ago

Solid reasoning... but doesn't Blu-Ray have more support from movie makers?

nomuken4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

With crap quality. HD DVD's look better IMO

Edit: Yes ive compared them, Blu-ray suffers from screen judder and slow framrate sometimes, HD DVD runs very smooth but it can also suffer from framerate problems but that is very rare. I want quality not a bloody name brand... hmmm like Blu-ray

Clinton5144061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

You've actually compared them? And I'm not talking about randomly walking into a Best Buy.

edit: How can someone disagree with a valid question? Ha! Oh I forgot that some of your pre-teen drama queens have multiple accounts for disagreeing with people. I'll be sure to notify the admins.

tehcellownu4061d ago

Blue ray does have more support even though xbots dont want to admitted for people who owns hd dvd..

Silver3604061d ago

But Microsoft makes the encoding that allows HD discs to store data. And it seems like the give the smoother performance options to HD-DVD.

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cooke154061d ago

Right now BluRay has disney and HD has Universal, its pretty even, i like the selection of movies on HD more than BR right now. But that could change, though i dont care for Disney movies.

Fighter4061d ago

Blu-ray also has FOX, MGM, Lionsgate and Sony pictures as exclusives

beavis4play4061d ago

right now hd-dvd has universal and BR has EVERYBODY ELSE. better check your facts.

Bloodmask4061d ago

is not dead. Both Blu ray and HDDVD make up 5% of total DVD sales. The war will take years.

Any rational person realizes that 5% is a very small percentage. And the majority of Blu ray players sold are PS3s. Many articles have stated that a very small percentage of people watch movies on console. Less than 13%.

Ultimately the format war will be decided when the players reach a $100 to $200 price range. HDDVD will most likely achieve this first. Until then most people will buy DVD-9. Which 95% of consumers are doing right now.

One thing is for sure with Toshiba placing HDDVD drives in all their laptops and selling around 9 million a year the install base will even out and PS3 won't be such a factor anymore.

xfrgtr4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

who's buying a laptop to watch hd movies?MOVIE SALES COUNT AND BLURAY IS CRUSHING HDDVD;even Spielberg will release his movies on BLURAY and NOT ON HDDVD,you are just a desperate HDDVD fanboy ,BLURAY IS OUSELLING HDDVD and HAS BIGGER SUPPORT FROM THE MOVIE STUDIO AND ELECTRONICS GIANTS,are you that stupid to not understand?you are a xbot fanatic

Bloodmask4061d ago

Your argument is retarded. I can just as easily say how many people watch movies on a console?? And the answer is less than 13% by statistics.

It is people like you that live in a dilisional world that think 5% of movie sales for the industry are going to determine a format choice.

You are probably a Diehard Sony fanboy who thinks that Blu ray "must" win bc you bought PS3. And PS3 says what will be the industry standard. You are probably one of the same people that just goes around disagreeing with a rational statement just bc it is slanted toward Toshiba and not Sony.

And to answer your question lots of people that carry laptops watch movies on them. I flew to California recently and there were people watching movies on the plane on laptops.

beavis4play4061d ago

i would agree with you except for one thing. i don't see how anyone can discount BR being in the ps3 out of the box. ms, trying to support hd-dvd with an add-on? i think that's a huge advantage for BR.

Clinton5144061d ago

I couldn't careless about the fight. I'm simply NOT buying them.

djt234061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

dont know HD is very close to defeat
blu-ray have a lot of people back it up

you guy need to get HD VMD it is better than blu-ray and HD DVD
i am just playing around but you could check it out
and yes The VMD format is capable of HD resolutions up to 1080p which is comparable with Blu-ray and HD DVD.

format war bi...

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