PS3 Bundle Speaks Volumes About Playstation Move

Interesting strategy. By opting for a motion control bundle with a bigger hard drive and price tag than the standard PS3 model, Sony is sending a clear message: This is motion control for the devoted gamer. Come for the roomier hard drive, stay for the fancy new peripheral that lets you play real-time strategy games on a console.

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btk3044d ago

This story really try to put a negative spin on the Sony offering.
Bottom line is - the "hardcore" gamer is willing to spend money to get accuracy, quality. Casuals is happy with mindless fun for ten minutes. Hardcore gamer for the same game wants to spend hours and invest time to acquire skill.

Wii Sport - causal - because the controls is not very accurate. So it is good for a few laughs and a party.
Sony Sports - with Move - because of the more accurate controls - is a hardcore game.

rroded3044d ago

but sony sports aint hardcore

ya the move pawns the wii for graphics and controls kinects a joke but i dont think a 400 dollar pakage is gonna move many units... if they really wanted ta give the wii a run for their money a 299 pkg might do it n a 199 ps3 would set new records imo.

dkgshiz3044d ago

I think I could understand 15% of what you said.

rroded3044d ago

n im the one who's french here...

seriously dude your retarded if you cant make out at least 20% of it XD

i know the lack of punctuation n misspelling that one word (its package btw) is an invitation for the language nazies like you but really your so dumb you cant make out what i was saying? Maybe English isnt your first language either? My advice try bablefish n maybe b less of a dick...

3044d ago
0mega43043d ago

like with microsft and kinect

where they need to focus on securing exclusives

and less on hand gestures

as its hard to justify paying for xbox live anymore

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East_Coast3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

PS3 users don't give technologizer ad revenue and page hits. Ignore his bullshit.

the users that approved this garbage.
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Agent-863044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Sony would really sell a bunch of PS3's, if they could get a Move bundle down to $299. Offer a new "budget" SKU with a 40-80gb HDD, along with the two new 160/320gb models. Then, package it with a Move, PS Eye, and demo disc for $299 (drop the Sports Champions to save on costs). A Move bundle at that price would be very competitive with the Kinect Arcade Bundle (with a measly 4gb memory and no HDD) or the Wii (non-HD graphics, not as precise) and would sell like "hotcakes".

Sheikh Yerbouti3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

I'd go for a $299 price for a blue Move branded 40 GB Slim with Move Controller with Navigator, PSEye, and a downloadable copy of Echochrome II.

tiamat53044d ago

It's the PS3 all over again. It's clearly worth the price but everyone ignores that fact and prefers to buy cheap junk that they will probably spend its life cycle eigher fixing it or buying new ones all the time.

TANUKI3044d ago

Exactly what I was thinking.

colonel1793044d ago

I think is the same story with different source.

Motorola3044d ago

Then its an alternative source...I cant even post stuff and I KNOW...thats sad

maniacmayhem3044d ago

I prefer the tried and true controller!

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Watching Killzone 3 and RUSE with Move Gameplay, I doubt that a lot will care what this article is saying.

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