Skyward Swords New Motion Controls: Will They Convince You?

After reading the preview for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Bitmob realized the reason they couldn’t finish the last Zelda game, Twilight Princess... Motion controls.

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Seekerofthewind3011d ago

*shrug*As long as the controls are responsive and accurate (which most sources say they are)...Skyward Sword mandating motion controls is fine with me. Then again, Red Steel 2, Boom Blox, No More Heroes, and Wii Sports Resort already made motion controls alright in my book. Therefore, I don't think that I'm the kind of person Mr. Smith was aiming for with this article. >.>;

Samus HD3010d ago

it will improve the gameplay

eagle213010d ago

I know it will deliver. :)

tunaks13010d ago

its time battles got a "upgrade" in 3d zeldas.
Plus after playing RS2 I never want to button mash again.