NASCAR at Monza: Gran Turismo 5 Gameplay Video

You knew this was coming – check out this in-car NASCAR gameplay on GT5’s newest circuit, Monza. Click on the image below to watch the video, courtesy of Gamersyde.


URL of actual movie:

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MaximusPrime3013d ago

actually that was very very very good.

less than 3 months and counting.

GT5 signature collection preordered few weeks ago :P

cobraagent3013d ago

it will get better. More videos will come up as well as info from interviews etc. TGS takes place in September and that would be the perfect place to announce the features, car list and track list

Slimshadyn3013d ago

Hey, Edwards wrecks people in GT5 just like in real life.

marinelife93013d ago

I wonder if the player's last name was keslowski.

dinkeldinkse3013d ago

Bubbles for the both of you.

PirateThom3013d ago

Here's something else for you. I am actually freaking out at how AWESOME the dust effects are. They're actually being carried by the wind.

doG_beLIEfs3013d ago

This game the more that is shown, shows WHY PD has taken so long with this title. And the wait is almost over and it is most definitely WORTH it.

IMO, no other sim racing game matters after GT5 drops.

Fishy Fingers3013d ago

Any reason this isnt just linking to the video on Gamersyde?

CryofSilence3013d ago

Yeah. The linking URL needs to be fixed.

poindat3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

"Embedded stream deactived until have a solution for our bandwidth issues."

You just straight up can't embed videos from Gamersyde.

Also, why do Gamersyde videos never have sound? I've always found that a bit odd.

cobraagent3013d ago

with the embed code. I got it from gtplanet but it doesn't work properly

Bellcross3013d ago

Best looking game this generation bar none.

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