Gamescom: Infamous 2 Insanity

"He's still a middle-aged white male with a buzz cut. Off the top of my head I could name 20 other protagonists that look exactly like both versions of Cole. He was already the visual representation of a marketing cliche. It's much ado about nothing if you ask me, but the gesture is nice."

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dc13040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

This was the right call.
Very pleased that Sucker Punch made the change (back to the original Cole). The udpated pics are spot on.

Pretty geared up for this one!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3040d ago

They both look generic but this is the Cole we know and love. And he doesnt look half as generic as the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Cole.

Why o why3040d ago

and you'll be labelled a whiner so be careful;)

Persistantthug3040d ago

Call me a WINNER instead.


Bobbykotickrulesz3040d ago

"Off the top of my head I could name 20 other protagonists that look exactly like both versions of Cole."

I agree that he's pretty generic looking, but I'd love to watch this guy struggle to name even 10 characters that look the same as Cole lol. Over exaggerating much?

badz1493040d ago

SP introduced new & fresh Cole but many fans were disappointed with that decision and now SP brought back the "old" Cole but from what we've seen, looks like just an old face replacing the new body! hey, I'm not complaining because I am good either way but please instead of how the main protagonist looks, why don't we discuss how the game will play, how the story will proceed, what new enemies are you going to fight, you know...GAME stuff, not just LOOKS!

DaTruth3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

But it's just a damn haircut! Why is the dude forced to keep the same haircut forever? For all we know his hair just didn't grow back from the Raysphere accident.

He had long hair in family man Cole alternate universe.(Kessler history)

Edit:There was probably a purpose for it, like you get to The Beast and he is(possible spoiler) bald Cole, but now it's ruined because nerds have too much time on their hands!

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zootang3040d ago

Where did that gameplay demo video go?

tinybigman3040d ago

to me i was still buying the game day one like i did part one.

yog-sothot3040d ago

Besides, I've got nothing against bald characters... Well, maybe that's because I'm bald myself ^_^

Anyway, I'm glad they kept the character design of the first game, for coherence sake... I'll add that maybe Cole's hair would be all pointy, he's full of electricity after all !

erathaol3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Really didn't mind the look of the 'Tony Hawk Pro Skater Cole' but I really dislike the new Voice Actor. His voice lacks the intimidation/strength that the old Cole had. They're refusing to change the new Voice Actor and so its going to be awkward now with a new voice on an old face.

I at least hope they allow the discarded redesign to be an unlock feature, kind of like Naughty Dog does with their unlocks.

StarScream4Ever3040d ago

Does the guy still sound like he needs a water in Infamous 2?

colonel1793040d ago

I don't know why the say it looks like Colonel Shepard? Is it because he's bald? Come on, so that means that every character with a mustache looks like Mario?

I don't really see the similarity, but to each his own.

OT: I really like the new change. This Cole looks like an improvement over the first game, but it conserves what made him great in Infamous 1. The E3 model was fine, but that did look like a copy from Drake. Is like they wanted to hang from the success of Uncherted 2 a little bit.

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