Call of Duty 4 PS3 Singleplayer & 360 Multiplayer Hands-on from PSU

PlayStation Universe has recently had the distinct pleasure to attend the "First to Play" event in Las Angeles. This event, hosted by Activision and Infinity Ward, was held to promote Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat, and to allow the press, along with a select few contest winners, to get hands on time with the Xbox 360 multiplayer beta. A single player demonstration was shown behind curtains as well, playable on the PlayStation 3.

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THC CELL3991d ago

Clans unlocked at Lv that is a good feature.

Game sounds good to me.

HowarthsNJ3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

I thought that was just a rumor?

Edit: I grabbed the box image off the PSU related games panel for this article.

MoonDust3991d ago

Good way to waste time waiting for H3.

Bloodmask3991d ago

I always thought that the Infinity Ward games in the COD series were far superior to Treyarchs.

Hatchetforce3991d ago

Agreed. It was good to see they were copying the Ubisoft tactic used in Splinter Cell of Dev Team leapfrog.

ASSASSYN 36o3991d ago

"We got our hands on both with the 360's multiplayer" I bet couldn't wait to play the 360 version.

Hatchetforce3991d ago

Stop being an ass. Platform had nothing to do with it. Anyone with half a cranium would want to get their hands on COD4 regardless of platform.

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The story is too old to be commented.