Gran Turismo 5: Five Minutes Of Pure Kart Gameplay (incl. Kart menus)

A new video shows five minutes of pure Kart footage in Gran Turismo 5, including some Kart menus and selections.

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Seijoru2925d ago

Its like MNR on steroids.

zootang2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Just to point out, this tends to be where a professional drivers career begins. Which, I'm guessing is why it is in the game.

Mentioning Forza is like mentioning Need for Speed, leave it out!

CyberCam2925d ago

I went to school with Paul Tracey and I use to go to a few of his go-cart races in high school!

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playstation_clan2925d ago

xbox owners should just skip to forza 8 if they want anything as good as this

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nickjkl2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

i was joking when i said gran turismo 5 would have karts

East_Coast2925d ago

we'll apparently they heard you and thought it was a good idea.

mrv3212925d ago

I was joking when I said Gran Turismo 5 would have everything.

poindat2925d ago

Damn yeah, it really IS a good thing people like him were throwing it around... Yamauchi was actually planning on leaving karting out until GT6, but then it was leaked and we had all of these people scurrying all over it and he had no choice but to add it to GT5!

Now it probably added to the bit of a delay, but whatever, it'll be worth it. Good job, nickjkl, you and other fans managed to get us karting early. :D

ranmafandude2925d ago

that what sony does. they make.believe lol.

R2D22925d ago

But GT beat them to the punch. Wonder if we use shells and bananas?

ForzaGT2925d ago

mario kart on steroids

dirthurts2925d ago

I saw no turtles... we need turtles.

STONEY42925d ago

It's so funny how the driver looks in the 3rd person cam, lol

Otheros002925d ago

Now I just need footage of the track editor.

Dee_912925d ago

because they said it was disabled

so guess we gotta wait till it comes out

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The story is too old to be commented.