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"With every passing year it becomes harder to be original, to innovate and create the ‘next big thing.’ Arc Rise Fantasia wears its inspirations so wholeheartedly on its sleeve that it almost drowns."

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athmaus2958d ago

i think i will pass on this game

Azule612958d ago

Seems like an ok game, but the voice acting makes me cringe everytime.

rezznik2958d ago

-sigh- All of these lackluster jrpg releases recently is depressing me.

TheSanchezDavid2958d ago

Hmm... I actually had somewhat high hopes for this one. It's a shame it ended up being so lackluster.

barefootgamer2957d ago

I'm pretty much over the JRPG genre. Loved it growing up, but these days I much prefer western RPGs.

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