IGN: Gamescom: Cole Blows Crap Up In Infamous 2 Preview

IGN writes: "While our very own Greg Miller blew the crap out of Infamous 2 in his E3 2010 preview, the recent showing of the title at this year's Gamescom did reveal a few new details. So what, you ask, was shown to me besides the freshly reworked design of the franchise's hero, Cole? Read on and see".

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DORMIN2715d ago

"One new power that really lets Cole wreak some havoc is the just-revealed Kinetic Pulse. Using this ability allows Cole to pick up objects in the environment via electricity, holding them up in the air like a Force-wielding Jedi before throwing them at some unfortunate soul. "

Can't wait! Day1

GusBricker2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

I may be one of few who actually liked Prototype more than Infamous.

To each their own, though.

gamingisnotacrime2715d ago

something nobody ask me

to each their own, though

GusBricker2715d ago

I'm not very hyped for the game.

ABizzel12715d ago

I liked Prototype as well, but inFamous was the better game hands down.

sashimi2715d ago

One of the best new Ips this gen can't wait for it :)

ranmafandude2715d ago

infamous 2 raised the bar for sand-box video games.

Jeff2572715d ago

This will be a day one buy for me just like the first one was. I hope we get a demo sometime before the game comes out though. I just really want to be able to get my hands on some of those new abilities before the full game is done.

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