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1upYours podcast the guys talk about WoW, Mass Effect, Bioshock, and and their Lair Review.

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Violater3992d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

Direct me to the time segment in question so I don't have to listen through the whole thing.

Ok, basically their main dislike is that Lair is basically a star wars game with dragons. They don't like the way the dragon attacks seem like an X-wing, the machine gun fireballs and basically the air combat.
Also they dislike the camera and the color scheme.

It is interesting to note that they had no problems with the Six axis controls and made no ill mention about the Frame rate.

They do however like some of the visual aspects and the overall scale of the game. To me at times it sounds as if they were overwhelmed and things the game play could benefit from having a map on screen (I may be inclined to agree on that point)

ShiftyLookingCow3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

yeah it would be helpful to know that since 1up description for the podcast doesn't even mention Lair and its 2 hours long

[edit] It starts 10-20 seconds into 45min

radzy3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

EGM first previewed lair and gave it an average score of about 5/10 so then the developers delayed lair to fix up because everyone that played the game for review made honest massive critiscism not in lair's favour.
Now after the delay 1up get there hands on the fixed up version and they unanimously agreed that "IT WAS WORSE THAN BEFORE" (i think quoted by garnett or john). it probably would now getget 3 or 4 out of ten's. Now if this is the type of games that are gonna go up against HALO3 (best multiplayer game ever),BIOSHOCK (10/10 scores), MASS EFFECT , JOHN MADDEN '08(60 frames a second) and many other great games this year, then good luck for ps 2.5

ShiftyLookingCow3991d ago

I didn't here them mention a "fixed" version of Lair.

hella whip3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

@1.2 Your talking rubbish! They said the game they reviewed was worser than the demos they played. They haven't received a "Fixed" version of this game at all.

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MK_Red3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

The Lair part is in minute 46. (They really hate Lair judging from their comments)
While I usually trust 1UP, I think they are going over the top with Lair. They say everything from Dragon controls to mission design to fireballs to story/characters suck and graphics are not that good. While the game might not be the masterpiece we expected (Still haven't played it), it's shouldn't be that bad and judging from the graphics I saw, its a really beautiful game at the very least. (1UP themselves called it the most epic and beautiful PS3 game to date in a previous preview!)

BADBOYEK43991d ago

I use Windows Media Player slide the bar to 47:00.They SHlted all over LAIR from the Graphics,Controls and GamePlay they said all of it is WEAK.This Game has been in Developement for the PS3 for 2 years and people that played the game said the controls and framerete are just bad.

ShiftyLookingCow3991d ago

you are a 360 fanboy, what are you doing here?

hella whip3991d ago

I don't recall the people in this podcast saying the controls and framerate are bad.

Loudninja3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

They really are,saying Liar graphics are bad,it just BS, pure BS

There views are exact opposite there review, so now thye have no problem with the controls?

MK_Red3991d ago

Agreed on graphics. I haven't played Lair myself so don't know much about controls and usch BUT I trust my eyes more than 1UP and everything I've seen so far from Lair has been stunningly good and beautiful.

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