IGN: Gamescom: Diablo III's Artisan System Revealed Preview

IGN writes: "Jay Wilson, game director on Blizzard's highly anticipated action-RPG Diablo III gave a presentation at Gamescom 2010 to talk about a new feature for the game, the artisan system. These are NPCs that help you out during the game that craft and manipulate items for you. Wilson focused on the blacksmith for the duration of the presentation, but also touched on the jeweler and mystic. While you won't start out your questing in Diablo III with these artisans, you are able to collect and maintain all three at the same time".

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Darkfiber3011d ago

It does sound cool, but I honestly don't see the difference between having 3 artisans crafting for you when you still have to collect all the materials and best recipes and level them up, and you just doing it yourself. I guess they are trying to trick players into thinking it's different than WoW when it's really pretty much the same thing. Either way, I think it'll be a good addition to the game as I've always wanted some kind of randomized crafting system in Diablo.