Episodic Gaming Offers Big Possibilities

Koku Gamer writes: "There’s little doubt that many modern games take their cue from modern movies, certainly in terms of style and presentation. Ever since the original Metal Gear Solid aped blockbuster action thrillers in fine fashion, other titles have followed suit. From the opening title sequences to the dramatic finales, from the Hans Zimmer soundtracks to the multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, the influence is there for all to see."

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cain1413014d ago

I think Alan Wake was almost designed to be done as a weekly release over the course of a month or so...

NikoleSmash3014d ago

At the very least it offers the possibility for multiple installments which always = $$$

Ziriux3014d ago

I wouldn't mind getting new episodes each week.

Carnage12903013d ago

Telltale's kicking ass with this system already, wouldn't be bad to see other companies adopt this model, unless it leads to more Half-Life Episode 3's.