PS3 And Xbox 360 Trailer For Dead Space 2

Game Blend writes "Yes, HALO is coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3 and EA shows it off in the new trailer for Dead Space 2."

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nycredude3011d ago

This is why i always check the comments section before I click on article links. This and Hip Hop Gamer.

DirtyLary3011d ago

Let the arguments begin!

Awesome headline to stir things up.

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ShadowCK3011d ago

Halo: Reach will never come to the PS3. Microsoft would never allow it.

Loving how PS3 fanboys are still bragging about Mass Effect 2 going to the PS3. BioWare has a goal of going multiplatform with all future titles, which began with DAO and is now going towards the ME franchise. It was expected. Look at GTA4, FFXIII, Resident Evil 5, Metal Gear Solid Rising and other big third-party games going to the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 is no where near in trouble.

gamerzBEreal173011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

umm yea not at all you just listed 3 games that dissapointed big time GTA4 dispite the high review scores did not live up to GTA:SA a last gen title! FF13 was terrible RE5 was terrible Rising was never excluseive nither was Metal gear if u knew what you was talking about konami just relessed there games on the best consoles at that time and the time of MGS4 x360 was the best but it was easier to put on one disk on ps3 so they did it we got Bio shock 1 and 2 both great games (thanks) Mass effect 2 according to meta critic the 360s best and highest praised exclusive ever Lost planet etc so i think it's kinda even ... xD

ico923011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

GTA 4= The gta series was never exclusive do your research it was made famous by the PS brand but it was never exclusive

FFXII-Kinda sucks,

RE5- was never an exclusive franchise, and big a dissapointment to anyone who played RE4

MGSR- is an interquel/ spin off , and MGS has never been an exclusive franchise to the PS

your knowledge on game franchises are quite limited did you jump the boat this gen?

shnarbis3010d ago

dude what do you mean Microsoft will never allow it?
bungie USED to be owned my micrososft but in recent years they broke off their exclusive relationship with Microsoft. The reason Halo:reach is exclusive to xbox is because they simply want to end the tradition of halo exclusive to xbox. It would be weird to have 3 halos on xbox only and the last one multiplatform. But microsoft doesn't own Bungie anymore so Bungie can do whatever they want since they're and independent company

heroprotagonist3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

It IS stupid. Microsoft owns the Halo IP, not Bungie. Halo will only ever be on a Microsoft console.

You guys are so funny. One 3rd party game goes to the PS3 and you guys start getting all silly.

0mega43011d ago

L4D isn't owned by microsoft as more than likely it will be the next exclusive to fall from xbox grasp

and yes halo will never be on xbox

yet epic can release gears 2 on ps3

and anyways how many halo prequels and sequels do we need?

xbox really doesn't have any exclusives left.

gameraxis3011d ago

that looked just like the GOW3 segement(s), except worse graphics and not as well done..your KNOW that's where they got that one from guys and gals... oh well

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Nitrowolf23011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

hahaha i was like okay they are just trying to start some flame shit
watch video
oh i get it

PS3Freak3011d ago

Pretty effective way to draw in hits, I must say.

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