Editorial: Our World at War?

There is a "war" going on. One that media experts and gamer fanatics fight every day. The hyperbole of statistics, the glancing blows of public insults – the battlefield is littered by the bodies of lesser developers and the lines are drawn as the big three game console makers continue to encourage their fanatical followers to sling insults and typical Internet-level "intelligence" into the fray. The saddest fact though is that if gamers declare a "winner" or "losers" in the war will anyone really care? Does this made up conflict even mean anything?

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unsunghero284057d ago

I'm sure the "gamer fanatics" would have read this article, but they're too busy right now insulting software and hardware that they've never played or used.

If this had been titled "HORSESH17 FOUND IN 80GB PS3S WORLDWIDE" then it would probably have higher degrees.