GT5 Gamescom 2010 Demo Menu, Car/Track Selection Videos

See all the cars and tracks of GT5’s Gamescom 2010 demo(3 videos)

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cobraagent2678d ago

to PS+ subscribers? It would be an excellent idea

yewles12678d ago

Because it's probably 7GB or more...

DERKADER2678d ago

If it bigger than 7GB then they can sell it as GT5P2

poindat2678d ago

Yeah, 3 months before the full game comes out... Hell, I'd buy it anyways to keep me satisfied until then!

HeroXIV2678d ago

Question about the Miura in this video, is that a standard car or a premium one? It looks kinda standard because the windows are so darkly tinted but then again I hardly know anything about the car.

poindat2678d ago

Look under the names of the cars and it tells you. I find it a bit odd that it has darker windows, as well as the old Fiat 500, but they are apparently all premium.

HeroXIV2678d ago

Ahh thanks man. I actually did a bit of research and the real life counterpart has windows that dark too.

Antan2678d ago

Head over to Neogaf and look at some brand new screenshots! Absolutely the most graphically impressive piece of software I've ever seen! A few of the shots show a mind boggling amount of engine detail! They are called premium for a reason, and the difference with Standard it's huge to say the least. Embargo lifts 2mora 9:00 am GMT where more announcements will be made.

PirateThom2678d ago

Epic GIF time...

I posted this in another article, but it pays to post again because... hell.

Antan2678d ago

Crazy stuff 2day! How they're doing this is beyond me mate! value for money with this will be through the roof!

quen_gta22678d ago

When are they going to release the official car list for this game?

FighterJoe2678d ago

After the game releases.