New Cole vs. Old Cole Comparison

An image has surfaced on NeoGAF showing the difference between the old and new Cole models.

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BeaArthur3017d ago

I never understood what the big deal was. So he looks different, big deal. I don't remember anyone talking about how awesome Cole looked in the first game. Either way (new, old) I don't care, I'm just looking forward to playing it.

Hideo_Kojima3016d ago

for those who care about the story it does matter...

imagine playing uncharted 3 and having drake look like nico belic from GTA

it would ruin the story.

Sasuke1593016d ago

just imagine if they put hair on kratos

Acquiescence3017d ago

Whatever. Doesn't matter to me. All I care about is cock size.

Acquiescence3017d ago

He's like a geyser. You can practically see the fear in the chicks eye just before he erupts.

kratos1233017d ago

Dude this is going the wrong way Lets get back to our old topic you know infamous 2 and december there are children reading your comments

0mega43016d ago

good the gave the majority what they wanted

thats how you keep loyal fans

they can always give the minority a skin if they really want cole 2.0

dorron3017d ago

I think he's clothes should be changed. The T-Shirt doesn't fit right. Gives him a childish feel.

RedGr3mlin3017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

I hope they dont change the char back so all the winers can get the sour bite of the apple..
(i dont say that you are one MariusElijah so dont hate)

But seriously, first every one complaining on the new Cole char and how shitty he look, THEN SP says ok fans, we change him back for you so YOU ARE ALL HAPPY!

THEN what happens is that now when the NEW cole is here (or shuld i say old?) dont you think people around the net start wining that they want the other one back again?

How does that make SP feel and think about us gamers?

Its a shame.

But i guess some people are never happy.
What about Me? I liked both the new and old cole.
So for me its still a day 1 by!

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The story is too old to be commented.