Cooking in FFXIV: Why I Suck

GOS Writes: "Final Fantasy XIV has taken crafting and gathering to uncharted territory in MMO’s. Gone are the days of throwing items into a pot and waiting to see what comes out: crafters and gatherers have now become their own classes.

Yes, you can play the entire game as a goldsmith or botanist.

What we are going to look at here though is the process of cooking, since I have taken that up alongside disciplines of magic.

Let’s just say I’m not quitting my day job of slinging fire and cures."

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Raoh3016d ago

i was terrible at crafting and cooking..

i worked out a deal with a guild member.. i would grind and collect as much material as possible for them and they would craft what i needed whenever i needed.. most of the time they would just make and send me stuff

i only crafted to a point to convert some items into stackable items to keep my inventory cleared