Capelli spotted in Resistance 3 trailer?

Eagle-eyed forum posters may have spotted Capelli in the live-action Resistance 3 trailer.

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saint_john_paul_ii3014d ago

maybe Hale is actually dead...

iamnsuperman3014d ago

maybe Hale is going to be the main boss bad guy in R3

El_Colombiano3014d ago


Link to the article stating Hale is the bad dude in R3?

ico923014d ago

he got shot in point blank range yeah he's dead

i think, or at least im hoping the game is going to be an 6 player co-op game revolving around a lost band of human surviors if you look closley at the trailer you will notice 6 characters all of them wield weapons none of them are soldiers there all civillians , my guess is that they cut of and stranded behind enemy lines, or at leats thats my take on it.

Army_of_Darkness3014d ago

wasn't that Capelli guy bald and more buffed up?!

skip2mylou3014d ago

running around for 2 years will do that to you

HammockGames3014d ago

Remember the cutscene in Resistance:FOM when Hale emptied an entire clip into an Angel to kill the thing?

No reason they couldn't apply that to Hale. He already had the Chimeras' ability to heal incredibly quickly. One bullet may not have been enough...

I hope it wasn't. Kind of hard to completely eliminate the protagonist from the first 2 games without having an engaging character to take his place. I'm not sure Capelli qualifies... I'd love to see where they take Hale next.

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stevenhiggster3014d ago

I think anyone who played R2 kinda expected this. My first thoughts at the end of R2 were "Capelli for R3 then".

mugoldeneagle033014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

That's what I was thinking. Hale in full alien form, reeking havok across the US until the campaign gets to NYC and I want an epic boss battle, resulting in a Star Wars-esqe ending where Hale becomes good, maybe kills himself and destroys whatever ship controls everything, Idk. Just a thought

Would be cool if in the last missions you actually controlled Hale in alien form then too. Bring it full circle.

plstcsldgr3013d ago

just because they showed him fire once doesn't mean he did we could pop in the R3 disc and capelli is unloading six clips in to his corpse just to make sure. the thing is its all speculation right now, there are 4 million ways they can take. this but right now we need info and some sweet ass screen shots.

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mrv3213014d ago

Yeah, that's gotta be him... really nice find.

BeaArthur3014d ago

I can't wait to see what they do with this now that they have had 3 years to work on it.

El_Colombiano3014d ago

Didn't Resistance 2 release in 2008? So it isn't even two years?

OneSneakyMofo3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

What I got from the trailer is this game is going to be L4D with aliens. Anyone agree? 4 people in a train cart shooting at anything that moves. I'm stoked regardless. I want to see how this ends.

Edit: For the disagreers, I mean, it's obviously going to be suited for more co-op than anything. Maybe we'll have sidekicks that we can switch over to.

mrv3213014d ago

The mention of L4D made be people disagree.

You should have said

Waw this is really cool wouldn't it be cool if this game was 4 player online based around the Grim mostly like that awesome 4 player split screen level from Fall of Man.

Now that would have gotten some agrees... for the following

Online co-op
Mention of the first Resistance
Mentioning split screen
Mention by name a level from Fall of Man
Mentioning you enjoyed Fall of Man

Since you put L4D there people start to think insomniac is copying, but to be honest they have the code this could easily be a 8 player online open world game.

alphakennybody3014d ago

4p player? we already have 8 p online campaign in R2 and Having played L4D 1 & 2, resistance is more fun especially on Superhuman difficulty.

MajestieBeast3014d ago

So wtf is hale gonna be a bad guy that would be a awesome twist.

stevenhiggster3014d ago

I think you'll find Hale is the dead guy, not the bad guy.

Nitrowolf23014d ago

honestly i don't he would be dead after all that power he got at the end of the game

PS3Freak3014d ago

Anybody who has played Resistance knows that Hale will not be dead. One shot to the head would not kill Hale. There are some chimera in the game, that would not die from one headshot, and Hale was the most powerful of all. He must be alive.

TheTeam063014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

idk, ps3freak. Capelli looked like a real underdog, soon-to-be-main character in R2. He was in it a lot more than any of the other soldiers you fought alongside.

And as for Hale being dead or not, a headshot actually does have potential to kill him. At the end, he wasn't fully converted. He has to take his shot to keep him in line and if they don't have that shot, they have to kill him, remember? That's exactly what Capelli accomplished at the end.

Having him as the main bad guy for R3 would be amazing, though. I don't think I've ever played a game with a story where the main character for two whole games suddenly becomes the man you're against.

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