House: “It would be absolutley great” to pass 360 globally

VG247 Writes:

SCEE president, CEO and CFO of SCEE, has told VG247 it would be “absolutely great” if PS3 were to pass Xbox 360 in sale globally.

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Spaghett2678d ago

Okay, is this really a necessary story?

Bnet3432678d ago

For N4G, yes it is lol.

Surkov2678d ago

shocking isn't.

Who would have thought the head of a major corporation would like to see his company's products succeed?

Also, fix the title of this article.

0mega42678d ago

if microsoft doesn't get its act together

they need to shift there focus from hand gestures for my multimedia functions

to securing some solid exclusives

its hard justifying paying for xbox live

God_Of_Epicness2677d ago


When it has something to do with PS3 sales, yes it is necessary.


1. XBL is bullshit because of the fact that it is compulsory if you want to play online.

2. They don't know what the meaning "exclusive" really is. They think exclusive means only available on not more than 2 platforms. They also consider getting a game 1 month early as "exclusive".

MS: "Only available On Xbox 360"
My take: Bullsh!t

RageAgainstTheMShine2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Wake me up when the PS3 gets hacked.

As of now all I care about is

PlayStation Move,
Gran Turismo 5,
Another Century R,
Little Big Planet 2,
Killzone 3,
Uncharted 3,
Mass Effect 2,
inFamous 2,
The Last Guardian,
Final Fantasy Versus XIII,
Ni no Kuni,
Super Robot Wars,
Twisted Metal,
Monster Hunter,
Parasite Eve 4
Metal Gear 5

Just PS3 games. Nothing else matters.

Snakefist302677d ago

HAHAHA Looks Like 360 Fanboys Got PISSED!!!!!

ArcFatalix2678d ago

insipite of being expensive and 1 year lead, PS3 is basically in second place.

360s lead is a sham, it can be pirated too. not impressive the lead.

LogicalFanboy2678d ago

dats wat i keep sayin and this even wat M$ knos its only da fanboys who like to deny it. 360 started wit ~9mil lead, back in 06-07 wit price advantage, games, always strong marketing, 360 shud have extended dat gap. 08 360 still had price advantage. PS3 didnt really take off till last year wit games, competing price, marketing. and dats why PS3 outsold 360 by 4mill units FY2010!

if da 360 was really sellin well it wud be AT LEAST 9mil ahead uf PS3 but wit all advantages it shud be at 15-20 mil. its at~3mil a decline is nothin to bragg about

the-show-stopper2678d ago

every halo fan though already has a 360 for halo 3

SillySundae2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

... List your AAA exclusives Loyd.

LoydX-mas2678d ago

@ the show stopper....
so shouldn't every GT fan already have a PS3??

@ silly....
so only "AAA" games are worth playing? Tell that to Wii owners.

0mega42678d ago

last good title

as bungie will no longer be making halo.

and really

how many halo prequels sequels
can we handle
without any innovation

God_Of_Epicness2677d ago

Halo is suffering a disease called "over-milked"

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ATLGAMER2678d ago

no one will buy a 360 for reach.....because they already have one...same excuse you gave for ODST last year and ps3 still beat them in sales

absolutecarnage2678d ago

There are too many racing games on the market that offer customization to your cars maybe not as good graphic's but still GT greatest features back then was the customization. GT5 won't nearly sell as much as everybody thinks it will

0mega42678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

this is the reason xbox exclusives sell so well

they have limited exclusives

so one comes out and the audience has to buy it or let there xbox collect dust


gt5 prologe sold 5 million units
there is a huge following that has been waiting the entire console life to get there hands on this game.

It will have one of the best releases and sales on the ps3 to date

absolutecarnage2678d ago

Just like killzone 2 was suppose to destroy the 360 blah blah blah.... you would think that after years of ps3 fanboys pounding their chest claiming their game ( apparently it's GT5 for the moment) is going to destroy all, would shut up and wait and see if it's true.

God_Of_Epicness2677d ago

When did PS3 fanboys ever say Killzone 2 was going to destroy 360 in terms of sales? That would be unrealistic, perhaps? Especially considering that at the time Killzone 2 released, the gap was like 12 million.

But if there's one game that can change a 3.5 million gap, it's GT5 baby and you know it, troll.

BTW, I'm bookmarking your account so that come January 2011, I'll PM you some messages only to know that your account has already been banned.