Fighters Uncaged Q&A

TGH Writes: "Regarding the recently announced Fighters Uncaged for the Xbox 360 Kinect, Ubisoft has gone ahead and preformed an internal Q&A session that would help gamers around the world understand what they are trying to achieve. It will give us all an idea of what their overall goal is for Kinect as well as let us know all the features about the upcoming Kinect title."

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negative3041d ago

Sony Fanboys............. ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!

number473041d ago

At this point, Kinect attacks itself.

3041d ago
Hades13373041d ago

Why do you have to bring this article down to a fanboy level? Why can't you just discuss the game like a civilised human being? People like you have caused the N4G community to loose all of its credibility. Congratulations you twat.

tdogg060519913041d ago

In Soviet Russia Fighting game beats you!!!

pantatkaula3041d ago

This was supposed to utilize the full body motion detection, yet it uses "combo" system that need to be triggered correctly? Wouldn't it just be better if we can execute our combo? (Like in the Lights Out game). Maybe its just me, but wouldn't that kill the full body motion detection feature?

Imagine this, instead of really fighting, you just try to trigger the combo. It might end up something like fighting using QTE. Instead of pushing buttons, you try to copy the action on screen to translate into fighting movement.

It would really suck if this become something like that.

tdogg060519913041d ago

In Soviet Russia 360 Breaks you!!!

tdogg060519913041d ago

I'll take The Fight: Lights Out, this game doesn't seem nearly as Hardcore. I think I'll get used to being trained by Danny Trejo.

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