Lots of New Nintendo 3DS Screenshots

Here are new 3DS screens from a Japanese website..

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ramos131922955d ago

It is much better looking than the current DS's. It really does look like an upgrade. I want one really bad! Hope Nintendo announces it will be released this Christmas :) or at least January 2011

DarkBlood2955d ago

i believe its going to be march 2011

secretsea2955d ago

Maybe with this i could finally surf the internet in 3d...

R2D22955d ago Show
EvilBlackCat2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )


are you sure?


NiteX2955d ago

I lol'ed you reminded me of a long lost friend that was terrified of man junk.

Thecraft19892955d ago

I can't wait to get it wonder what they will name in the end ? maybe mini wii wii

BAMGameOver2955d ago

notice it has 2 cameras,that means when you take a picture it will be in 3d :D

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