Gamasutra Interview: Crystal Dynamics Talks Lara's Trip To Digital Platforms

The newest outing for Tomb Raider's heroine, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, launches today on downloadable platforms. The game, which focuses on co-op play in isometric 3D, is receiving a positive critical reception, and Crystal Dynamics has said it hopes the game will be just the first in an overall strategic initiative that focuses on digital titles.

Studio GM Darrell Gallagher tells Gamasutra that, to build a strong downloadable title, "First and foremost, we really looked at digital as a platform itself. We really saw this as being something that was emerging -- yeah, we'd love to have games like Trials HD or Shadow Complex and Trine, and other things that we admired. The digital platform is emerging as its own unique identity, so we really felt that with our franchise, one of the things we wanted to do... is really craft an experience that is much more directed toward the type of platform it's on."

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