Modern Warfare 2 glitch opens Xbox Live Arcade games for free

If you own a copy of Call of Duty
: Modern Warfare 2, or even have the TOTALLY FREE demo that was released last week, then you’ll be able to take advantage of a highly unusual glitch and play full versions
of five downloadable games from the Xbox Live Arcade service.

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ThePlaystationFour3038d ago

lol'd if Microsoft takes those who downloaded free XBLA games to court.

KillaManiac3038d ago

Gotta love games that are so glitched out that they have a glitch disease and spreads to other games.

So if Halo Reach has a crazy glitch...I would say its b/c of CoD MW2! glitched MW2 was and is.

Hideo_Kojima3038d ago

MW2 is a national security threat.
It could even cause stored nuclear weapons to glitch and detonate themselves.

R2D23038d ago

EA + Sony = WIN

NINTEDO + Wii = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

badz1493038d ago

I think this is the only GOOD thing this glitchy game ever do for gamers! free games FTW!! :P

likedamaster3037d ago

Crap like this will get you banned. Seriously, don't try it.

TheDeadMetalhead3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Is this true?

I might go download the demo just to see.

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nickjkl3038d ago

this is old whyh are all these old articles getting approved

CaptainAmerica3038d ago

because the approval system is glitched thanks to MW2

FACTUAL evidence3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

XBL is so unstable it's not even funny. Remember the free full retail glitch for shadow complex?....MS is really on the hit list.

catguykyou3038d ago

That glitch was the developers fault. Not Microsoft. Same with this one.

PSfan3603038d ago

XBL needs to be revamped

PSfan3603038d ago

Gonna try this just for the achievement.

East_Coast3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

wow it just never ends for MS.

Black Ops can't come soon enough.

pr0digyZA3037d ago

Lol thats one way for people who bought modern warfare 2 to get their money back :P

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KilL7roCitY3038d ago

don't want get my account banned..

AliTheBrit193038d ago


Probably not worth the risk.

mrcash3038d ago

you cant get banned, it's not your fault.

spooky2053038d ago

to karatechop in world of warcraft. One of his guildes was sent a GM item via mail and karatechop used it for lulz. He one shotted a million hp boss. Guess whos account got banned? Not karatechops but his entire freaking guild pending investigation. When they realized it was a gms fault they still permabanned karatechop for using a item that was against the "rules of the game." So yeah, if MS feels like blizzard and wants to ban you to make an example of you they sure as hell will.

big_silky3038d ago

MW2 is the most broken game I think I've ever seen. I literally can't remember there being a more glitch filled game.

catguykyou3038d ago

I think part of that is there are so many people playing it, any glitch that would have gone unnoticed on another game is found with this one.

MAG_SVER3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

such a crappy & broken game, I played it & beat it within a week or two then I sold it to EBgames for $45 plus $10 trading credit in November same month of release.

I'm not "attacking you, just curious as to why you would kinda sneaky "Defend Such a Gimmick Product".. in a lot of eyes without many playing it or not I'm pretty sure those glitches would present them self sometime sooner or later.

So it's not because of it being played so much as it is to it being Rush During Development to make money & not "SATISFYING THE USERS NEEDS"

SPEC-OPS with CO-OP was the best part of the GAME

Anything less IS UNCIVILIZED!!!!

catguykyou3038d ago

Not defending per-say. I know for a fact (since I am a programmer by trade and am friends with a bunch of people in the industry - plus my wife is a game tester), just how many bugs are shipped in even the most high profile games. This isn't anything new. To get a game approved for print, there can't be any known bugs that crash the system, harm the system (delete/corrupt files), or break the game(oh, now it is literally impossible to finish this level).

Games ship with bugs. I think MW2 has a ton of them. Thats not good. I can say that if MW2 had the user base of half the people it does now, over half of those bugs would go undiscovered and unknown about. Thats all. The same is true with every game.

badz1493038d ago

not trying to bust a bubble here but;

"any glitch that would have gone unnoticed on another game is found with this one."

like seriously?? most of the glitches in the game were very basic and could of easily found and fixed BEFORE launch if only they had this thing called BETA!! I'm with MAG_SVER on this one. just stop trying to defend or justify any cause for MW2! IW/Activision screwed up big time with the game development plus over-priced DLC for some new maps+old maps and these made many people upset! I know it's still the best selling FPS ever but it's undoubtedly the WORST!

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