Sony Wiped The Floor Clean at Gamescom 2010

Exclusive after exclusive, unveiling after unveiling, Sony easily dominated in terms of quality at Gamescom this year, I guess now we know why they couldn’t fit everything at E3 2010.

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NYC_Gamer3038d ago

Sony will also wipe the floor at TGS....

samoon3038d ago

Now let's just hope they finally have Starhawk or Warhawk 2 somewhere in that convention. I've been dyeing to see that game's sequel. The first one was EFFIN amazing.

darkcharizard3038d ago

Wiped the floor with Microsoft :P

Nate-Dog3038d ago

Yup, looking forward to FFXIII Versus and possibly Hideo Kojima announcing whatever his new project is.

BornToKill3038d ago

dont't forget The Last Guardian.

Optical_Matrix3038d ago

From the article: and what might Microsoft be doing to counter these heavy blows?

This apparently:

Sony has great momentum at the moment. I also can see how they couldn't have fit everything into their E3 presser. And to think TGS isn't even here yet. No doubt we will see what some of the Japanese developers have instore for PS3. TLG and FF Versus XIII gameplay at the top of the agenda of course.

BornToKill3038d ago

LMAO the lamest explosion ever!

pork_chop_express3038d ago

Whats gamescom!? i only know of SONYCOM 2010.

TheLeprachaun3038d ago

If we're going by conferences. EA had the best games wise. However, I'll put the Sony one ahead of it simply because they gave us free booze and food. Microsoft Play Day was meh, apart from Age of Empires Online, which was amazing.

samoon3038d ago

I have to agree with you a bit, EA's was excellent as well, Dead Space 2 and Bulletstorm look absolutely amazing.

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