Postal III: New Footage, Little Controversy

Postal III has been a touch delayed. In development since before 2006, rockpapershotgun first mentioned it in 2008 when it was revealed it would include a badger as a gun. A couple of months later, during 2008′s Leipzig, the most remarkable video of footage was released, with the developer apparently not too impressed with his own game. Jump forward another year, March 2009, and rockpapershotgun had a new trailer showing some third-person action. Yet another year goes past, little is heard, and that brings us to now. Two new trailers have been released, and they are of course below.

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LtSkittles3011d ago

I wasn't sure, because I thought they said they had no plans to bring it on the PS3.

"XBC: Considering that this is a next-gen title, are there any plans to port
this to the PS3?

VD: I think its time we reward MS and the Xbox community. The bottom line is that MS actually supports PC gaming -- that's not what Sony does.

SW: I think Sony's charter has a clause that says something to the effect of: "and there shall never be, under any circumstances whatsoever, any Running With Scissors games, EVER on our systems." Of course, I could be misquoting that, cause I'm a little stoned right now. "

Bellcross3010d ago

Postal has always been controversial lol.

Cajun Chicken3010d ago

I'm really looking forward to how the team at RWS decide to offend us next!

Sugreev20013010d ago

I doubt Postal III will ride on the controversy train like it's last two games.For one thing,it's not the most violent game out there anymore.Ragdoll physics in this gen have made it possible for every player to be evil like the "dude" in the Postal series.

KillerPwned3010d ago

Cant wait for this game i been playing postal 2 lately that game is so fun no doubt this game will live up to its expectations. Just hope it releases soon.

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