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MAG Escalation: A Closer Look

"Escalation is a simultaneous three-faction battle for resources that supports up to 96 players, or one 32-man platoon for each PMC. The ultimate goal for each Escalation map is to earn the maximum number of points before time runs out or, if time does expire, to have the most points overall. Whichever team meets this goal wins the map and some additional Shadow War points for the cause.

Points are gained as Raven, SVER and Valor vie for control of wind, thermal and solar energy objectives — but it’s not as easy as just “running to all your objectives” and holding them until the end." (MAG, MAG: Escalation, PS3)

xc7x  +   1441d ago
sounds fun
plenty a tool  +   1441d ago
sounds great
but can someone please tell me. can you customize your controls in MAG?? because the reason i havent yet bought MAG, was that during the beta, i had to use r1 for shooting and i doidnt like it..

looking forward to a response
Dramscus  +   1441d ago
You can't. They say it's complicated to set up on their end and uses quite a bit of ram.
Blaine  +   1441d ago
But... R1 is the proper button to shoot with!
Get used to it, because *most* shooters on PS3 use R1 as default button, and don't allow you to change it. In fact, contrary to you, I hate games that use R2 to shoot.
Chug  +   1440d ago
Everybody has a preference
But I can't stand using R2 as a trigger button, doesn't feel right. I'm glad I could change the button layout in Borderlands because it has R2 as default trigger and I couldn't stand it.
plenty a tool  +   1440d ago
thanks for the responses
blaine: i bought a xbattle adaptor and wired 360 pad especially for shooters! i prefer r2, for me its better
God_Of_Epicness  +   1441d ago
The gameplay is not my type but I think I'll try playing it again. Who knows. Second time charm might just hit me.
SCEA_RULES  +   1441d ago
cmon approve the story
approve it
raztad  +   1441d ago
I'm so playing that beta.

MAG is so good and gets better by the day.

ESCALATION 1 vs 2, this game mode has the potential to be more popular than Domination.
AtatakaiSamurai  +   1441d ago
does any fps online do 3 faction battles on one map?
domination is my fav and i thought interdiction would be better. it's nice just like old battlefield games on pc just with more people but i still think dom is one of the most innovative game modes of fps online.

this one looks like it might be just as good or better cause there's a lot of thinking and strategy it seems but we'll see

oh how do you get in the beta?
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kingjoker34  +   1441d ago
I like MAG a lot, its just i got addicted to UC2 multiplayer about a week ago and I want to get to level 80 in the multiplayer so that's all i'm gonna be playing till LBP2 comes out.

oh and to get into beta, next week in the ps store they will have a beta app that you download. Then put in ur mag disc after you download it, and you will be in the beta
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raztad  +   1441d ago
"this one looks like it might be just as good or better cause there's a lot of thinking and strategy"

Definitely. It's gonna be hard to keep 2 positions against TWO opposing teams at the same time. 3 factions fighting for the same position. Sounds crazy. A fully working chain of command, with a good OIC has to be in place to win the battle. I can easily see a hour long round if the three teams are roughly performing the same.
The_Claw  +   1441d ago
there wont be a oic as its only 32 per faction. just sl and pl. so if you capture two points, then defend d, its your 32 vs 64 basically...thats gonna suck. im looking forward to the beta as well, i just hope they dont make this dlc. nobody will buy it, just look at interdiction...never more than 100 ppl in Q
dangert12  +   1441d ago
Mag is the Sh*t
I never really noticed a developer support a game as well as they are on the ps3,I liked turn 10 for how they handled forza 3 after realease i thught it was amazing now zipper are steping it up if GG and Naughty Dog and other sony devs (as i prefer the ps3 now) could be as consistant with games they have already out man when the offical update of this game comes i will be blown away i mean i paid for intriction and i love it dont regret it at all but all this for free? O_O
I <3 Zipper
AtatakaiSamurai  +   1441d ago
its for free? o.O i didn't know that

hacking, what you mean aweful graphics? it looks like MW2 online graphics and in many cases even better especially when you consider the largest map on MW2 is only the spawn point area for a squad in mag.

the graphics online look far better than BFBC2, halo reach, L4D and many other online shoooters but no one says their graphics are crap. uhmm, i wonder why/ and mag has far better gameplay which is what you all love to say about other fps with subpar graphics right? o.O

here this isn't a really good vid but you can see even from the less than quality vid that the graphics looks like MW2 or even better.


crazy how gamers will hype mediocre rubbish and look to kill with hideous lies truly innovative gaming that pushes gaming entertaiment forward.
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ddurand1  +   1441d ago
MAG does not even come close to competing with MW2, BC2, or Reach graphically. Are you blind? or have you just never played MAG before?
The_Claw  +   1441d ago
agree w/ ddurand1. i LOVE MAG, dont get me wrong, and it is the best gameplay of any fps on the market, but graphically? no, its not even close to any of those games listed.
Blaine  +   1441d ago
Who gives a shit about the graphics when the gameplay is so good?

Seriously, the graphics aren't bad to begin with, they're just less good than other shooters out there. It's actually a good looking game by itself. And the gameplay more than makes up for the graphics.

(Seriously, 256 players in one game, and GIGANTIC maps, what kind of graphics do you expect??)
Trroy  +   1441d ago

Have you *played* MW2 and BF:BC2 online, and seen how bad the graphics are compared to single player? MAG *does* look better.

Get yourself some YouTube and do some side by side comparisons, rather than watching canned single-player gameplay trailers, puffing some herbs, and pretending those games look that good online.
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ddurand1  +   1441d ago
he never mentioned gameplay. the gameplay is great.

and ive owned all three of those games. so dont give me that bullshit.
Ravage27  +   1441d ago
i always wanted to fight in a 3 sided battle
Hacking  +   1441d ago
Crap game returned the next day awful graphics and gameplay.
Baka-akaB  +   1441d ago
more like crappy player whom returned a game he obviously wouldnt figure all out in a single day ...
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Hacking  +   1441d ago
No the game is just crap just telling the truth thats all.
LiLTich92  +   1441d ago
that Hacking person
hes just a failed xbox fanboy.
comments history reveals all
kingjoker34  +   1441d ago
can you tell me how the gameplay is "crap"?
The gameplay requires strategy, and communication.
graphics are not bad, show me a game with 256 players that have uc2 graphics. and btw graphics mean everything now right, i dont know how you lived playing games before this gen.
The_Claw  +   1441d ago
he didnt
cod4 was his first fps LOL
ATLGAMER  +   1441d ago
halo has crap graphics....
Gameplay and online community keeps this game chuging..and you don't have to play


MAG is a online only game how can you rate a game that changes every 2-3 months and gets better...MAG is a AAA if you ever played it ...that and warhawk ...You watch a game truly evolve into something great but you will never see that cause you are a fanboy

edit: 2 after the beta of course its gonna be about ten bucks...and well worth it and intra diction is a great game mode they just need a community boost....I say give it away with ps3
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thereapersson  +   1441d ago
Joined N4G 2 hours ago, spunoff from his alternative account which he also uses to troll PS3 fans on N4G, "Hacker".
thief  +   1441d ago
This is from someone who believes halo is the best game ever made – that alone should disqualify you from passing comments on games.
raztad  +   1441d ago
MAG graphics are actually better than COD4, much better textures, better AA and of course 720p. Animations are game big flaw, but looks pretty decent overall.

No doubts MAG is an incredible game, that provide a multiplayer experience you only can find on the PS3.

All the hate of this world wont make it disappear. So hate on dude.
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Johnny_Bravo   1441d ago | Offensive
DA_SHREDDER  +   1441d ago
Hold on a second. There is no way this map pack is free. The beta is free to get in, but I doubt it. If im wrong please correct me.

@ Pennywise. I know , I tried to tell them in an email, but its not up to them, its up to Sony I think. And this is the best DLC ive seen in a long time. Fighting for natural resources brings more realism to the game too. Its gonna be so bad ass.
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Pennywise  +   1441d ago
There is no way they are going to charge for this after the interdiction mess.
Dead_Cell  +   1441d ago
I've adjusted every time.
They've added more bullet spread and reduced damage on everything.

KP5 has gone from god to useless.
The F90 isn't much better.
SCAR/ATAC/AG-94 have all been made more erratic with more bullet spread.
Sensetivity has been thrown way off.

They insist on fucking up everything with every patch and make completely un-needed changes to all the weapons. More and more bullet spread and innacuracy every time.

Zipper can make great maps but they are so far from the mark with the weapons it's unbelievable.
Trroy  +   1441d ago

Sorry bro, if you think the KP5 (or the ATAC) is bad... you simply suck with it. No offense, but it sounds like you need to work on your SMG skillz.
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Dead_Cell  +   1440d ago
Phantom_T, go search.
I've beasted with every weapon in this game, when you've put 100+ kills up in Sabotage with all of the SMG's and alot of other weapons you can tell me to get some "skillz".
Dead_Cell  +   1441d ago
Won't help.
They've completely fucked with the guns again, I've literally gone from one of the best in the world to useless in less than a week.
Pennywise  +   1441d ago
You just have to adjust! They nerfed the shotty in the middle of my medal quest. I am not too happy about that. I will rough out the next 400 kills, but I am ready to get my assault rifle back.
xman06  +   1441d ago
the guns aren't really messed up at all. I use the ATAC and R335. The Bullet spread has increased a little, but i just use a 2 to 3 round burst aimed at the neck and constantly get head shots.
Jeff257  +   1441d ago
Ive been trying to get back into playing MAG recently. Also with the recent news it seems a lot more people in my clan are taking a second look at this game. This should provide a lot more fun for those of us who havent been playing MAG for awhile.
thief  +   1441d ago
This + Move support = epic win.
PeaceOut   1441d ago | Spam
DirtyLary  +   1441d ago
I enjoy MAG and still play it daily.

It definitely has it's spot among the top shooters. 3 way faction battles now! Who else has that?

People just need to get over graphics as deciding factor to play a game or not. The technology just isn't there to run high res graphics/sound with 256 players online. This is just the beginning of awesome multiplayer console gaming.

The game play is solid, the devs are solid. MAG owns.
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punisher99  +   1441d ago
@DirtyLary: I agree. MAG has such better balanced gameplay than some of the other shooters. There is no major advantage using a sniper rifle like their is with some of the other shooters. So basically you are not punished for wanting to use an assault rifle like a real soldier, instead of using a cowardly sniper rifle. The game just offers really good balanced gameplay, that gives no real big advantage to what ever weapon you choose.
Antan  +   1441d ago
Been playing over the past few days! love it. Doesn`t take long to get back in the swing of things.
mzm119  +   1441d ago
I also sold this game after owning it for 3 or 4 days.. everytime I tried to play, it would take FOREVER to load and half the time, when it did load, it would get stuck viewing the map from above while other people were able to play. Got tired of not being able to play it and got rid of it. Hopefully, they've fixed all of the server bugs by now but they should have had that stuff taken care of on day 1 since they knew the size of the game they were releasing..

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