Watch YouTube on Your Xbox 360

Ever thought about watching some good 'ole YouTube, but you were too busy downloading and chatting it up on your Xbox 360? Ever wanted to watch some fool make a fool of himself in a way that only YouTube can provide, but you were too busy having fun on your Xbox 360? Well now you can do everything you've always done on your Xbox 360, but now with the added support of YouTube.

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reaferfore203996d ago

It's not like we've been able to at least watch youtube on both of the other systems or anything.

ShiftyLookingCow3996d ago

maybe ok if it was free but 50 bucks and the fact that most videos on Youtube are short, screw it

PStriple7033996d ago

I been watchin yotube videos on my ps3 on full screen for months, it's so fun having a web broswer on ur system.....

Maddens Raiders3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

YouTube on my ________! (uhhh........hmmm)

Is this a joke?

AllroundGamer3996d ago

so what? the next step is a browser in everybodys xbox360 (well except the Core users...) , cause MS said they don't need one... or wait was it HDMI?... HDD?... White is the way to go?... :)

sjappie3996d ago

so I already watch youtube videos on a big screen.

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The story is too old to be commented.