Halo 3: The Truth & Info behind Epsilon

After reading Luke's article about the mysterious Halo 3 Epsilon, rumor and speculation ran like wildfire. Well, now Kotaku has some concrete evidence on exactly what it's all about. An anonymous tipster sent the folks at an email that was sent out to all the Halo 3 beta testers concerning Epsilon.

* Unlike the Alpha, Beta or Delta, this is a very special test in that not only will you be testing nearly final Halo 3 Matchmaking, you will also be able to:
* Play Multiplayer on six maps: Snowbound, High Ground, Valhalla, Last Resort, Epitaph and our new big map, Sandtrap.

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Bloodmask4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

Nice find MK Red and the cover pic is really cool.

It would be really fun to be able to test out 4 player coop on the beta. I'm sure that Bungie wants to iron out all the final bugs before release.

I think one of the highpoints in 4 player coop is going to be taking on the covenant with 3 real players in the warthog. It always pissed me off when the AI controlled players in the warthog wouldn't do what you wanted them to.

urban bohemian4061d ago

I can't believe it comes out in a month yet I would give anything just to play epsilon!