Quake Wars beta impressions

Due for an early Australian & European release on September 28th, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has recently opened Beta 2 play. They made a beeline to FilePlanet as soon as they got word that Beta 2 was out, to find out what to expect in the final release of this lightning-speed, objective-focused FPS.

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reaferfore203992d ago

I played the hell out of it at Quakecon this year and last. Now I just need to get myself an Über-computer to run it.

Says you3992d ago

That actually has DX20 and OpenLG9.0.

xg-ei8ht3992d ago

Its not bad, Played it quite abit, becomes boring.

For me BF2 is better.

jinn3992d ago

quake has had it's time and it needs to stop because their are far more better shooters this old junk.