Console Games Have Made Me Stupid

Dan "Shoe" Hsu: It's not like I didn't have the PC-strategy chops. I used to be hardcore into series like Master of Orion, Civilization, Warcraft, Galactic Civilizations, and Heroes of Might and Magic. I even created maps and embarrassingly dorky stat sheets for the RTS Dark Reign. Did this former PC strategy-game fan just grow too old?

I don't believe so. I think console games simply melted that part of my brain away.

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bearsfaan2921d ago

That picture totally cracked me up. He brings up some good points, especially that arrow crap in PD Zero -- that crap was lame!

Sadie21002921d ago

Oh, it was horrible. And even worse that the game even needed it.

GrieverSoul2921d ago

I agree with the writer point but the thing is, that the audience has changed. Before this generation, games had various "flavours" but since the mindless FPS gets the mosts sales due to its aim and shoot simplicity, developers started to develop less intricate games mechanics in order for casual people to pick them up. Unfortunaly, thats what sells! See Halo and CoD for instance. Those games offer a "deep" story combined with easy to get gameplay and they sell s&%" loads!

I like complex games with lots of micro management but my friends never ask me to borrow them Starcraft or Torchlight. Hell, as soon as I open FFXIII menu they flip! And the game doesnt even have that much micro management!

AtatakaiSamurai2921d ago

oh look, the guy that hyped the hell out of these games when they first came out and licked ms sac with rigorous glee and then got fired after all thee melicious mindless sony hating all of a sudden doesn't like the very console games he hyped and now loves pc.

dan shu is an attention seeking penis. only give him the time of day if you want to be his b*tch and lick him

Letros2921d ago

Someone get this man a gaming rig, save his brain!

Nihilism2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

We should get a collection of spare PC parts going to save his mind, traditional medicine cannot help him now...


First class trolling as always, sadly my consistent efforts to bubble you and conloles up is not as fast as 'those who believe' ( Followers of the Church of teh Cell! )can take them away. Never give up the good fight.

Darkfiber2921d ago

They make you stupid. That's why console kids are so easily amused by linear 8 hour shooters like Uncharted 2. OOO SHINY GRAPHICS, THAT MEANS IT'S THE BEST GAME EVER EVEN THOUGH IT HAS DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING UNIQUE OR ORIGINAL AND REQUIRES ABSOLUTELY NO THOUGHT TO PLAY!

gcolley2921d ago

great graphics = game of the year, didnt you get the memo?

blitz06232921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

So you're saying it got 96% average and multiple GotY awards because everyone who played it is considered a console kid?

InfectedDK2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I see jealous PC only owners here
I'm sorry your PC needs a new graphic card

GrieverSoul2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

What you fail to see is that little things perfectly combined give birth to GREAT things!

Uncharted 2 had a mix of simple ideas but presented them perfectly!
Run and Gun perfectly executed, cover system perfectly executed, millions times told ancient artifact story perfectly blended with the gameplay perfectly executed, and so on...

The game had its influences but it was simply-perfectly put together!

8800gtx2921d ago

"I'm sorry your PC needs a new graphic card"

I might be old and called ancient now a days. 100usd gpus make me look obselete. Equip me with any dual core cpu and i will handily stream roll whatever my predecessor the RSX + CELL can put out.


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Calm Down Sunshine2921d ago

I don't think you've played Uncharted 2, sir.

thief2921d ago

Try to play the single player or coop in UC2 without using your brain, and you wil suffer. Unfortunately, some people in online coop do try that and it usually ends in round 4. When all three players work together as a team, its a blast to play.

Rainstorm812921d ago

you wouldve been better served saying COD but i guess the same goes for Crysis as well....riiiight?


Yep fits perfectly....

Nihilism2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

But crysis gameplay is original. The nanosuit meant you could approach any situation in a number of ways. The open nature of the world was also unique to shooters at it's time of release. Some of the battles in the game are the biggest of any game.

What did UC2 introduce?. You'll find on PC that originality counts for more than graphics. RTS games for example are not graphical beasts, people buy them purely for the strategy and gameplay, on console's I think you will find graphics to be the main selling point.

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sonicsidewinder2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I didn't buy Splinter Cell Conviction precisely because of all it's dumbification. Splinter Cell used to be a tough and rather intelligent game. Its disrespecful to the fans, who (partly) made the game what it is, to just U-turn a franchise into something that's 'less' than the original. I waited so long for it to come out, and i got smacked in the face. Hard.


And Dark Reign was god-damn awesome.

"Richter 7.5!!!"

N2G2921d ago

if all you play is generic dull FPS games then yeah you might get even more stupid,you need to mix it up with brain challenging games.

games good for your Brain (challenging puzzles):

example: uncharted1&2,echochrome,br ain academy..etc

games bad for your brain & blood pressure too:
halo & gears (boom headshot).


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