Edge: Patching Backbreaker

Edge: As an animation software developer, NaturalMotion has seen its Euphoria engine powering everything from the flailing storm troopers of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, to the stumbling horses of Read Dead Redemption. It can also be found at the very heart of Backbreaker, the studio’s own American football game.

Moving from creating middleware to building entire games has presented a steep learning curve for the Guildford-based team. That said, with the game finally on shelves, the studio has already taken on a new challenge: sifting through review criticisms and user feedback to create one of the most far-reaching post-release patches yet seen in a console videogame.

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Smootherkuzz3016d ago

The running game has suffered after the update as it was weak before but now almost not there at all it seems things has flip floped between the passing and ground game there should be a balance.Don't miss read, this I still love the game and play it everyday.The road to BBKER needs more tweaking to build your team you need to many points to purchase better players which means your getting the crap kicked out of you (what fun!)even after you won the first 2 seasons(something is wrong here!).Bring on more tweaking.