3 Ways the Legend of Zelda Has Ruined Gaming

One of the most beloved and classic game series ever created, with possibly the strongest line up games of any series ever created. It has also spawned some of the worst trends in gaming that have yet to completely go away.

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Seijoru3016d ago

Very valid points that also annoy me about Zelda. It does tend to hold your hand sometimes. Maybe if some of the Zelda team worked with the Demons Souls team hehe.

GWAVE3016d ago

I know the title is flamebait, but the article seems poorly researched. If you think Zelda is the source and cause of "glowing enemy weak points", annoying sidekicks, and dumbed-down difficulty, then you are a pretty uneducated gamer. Zelda was not the first, nor the last, to implement these features.

And are those things really ruining gaming? If anything, I think glitches, online lag, developers lying to their customers, and extravagant DLC is doing more to ruin gaming than Zelda.