Playing R.U.S.E. With Playstation Move

Brian Crecente from Kotaku writes "I've played Ubisoft's real-time strategy game R.U.S.E. plenty of times with gamepads and keyboards, But this week was my first chance to check it out using the Playstation MOVE: And I loved it."

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saint_john_paul_ii3039d ago

even kotaku cannot deny what the Move does....

Biggest3039d ago

Kotaku is still full of shit. I'll wait to hear about R.U.S.E from someone with no alterior motives.

raztad3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )


Agree. However

"After playing the computer to draw in the game, I found that the Move controller set-up was almost as natural feeling as using a keyboard and mouse. What worked best about the control set-up was the use of the Wand as a mouse-like interface, something that the controller seems to excel at."

Full of shit or not. That hands-on is pretty much what I was expecting to read. MOVE is already preordered after I learned MAG will be supporting it, but RUSE is getting very promising previews so looking forward to it as well.

Godmars2903039d ago

Would love to see a Gundam themed version of this.

BYE3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Move will do well on the hardcore market, it just gets better every day.

BeaArthur3039d ago

Not necessarily, you still have to get it into peoples hands and convince them it's better than a controller. No small order.

Nathaniel_Drake3039d ago

That is why Sony is teaming up with worldwide known products such as Coke and Subway to get the word out. A great move by Sony.


I only can see pure Success.

Killzone 3, amazing Implementation with better precision.

Now this RTS and is better than DS3 Controller.

Move is getting better and better.

Apocalypse Shadow3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

that sony was right in going with move.


wii ports coming,new ips coming,updates to psn games coming,3D coming.

as ken k. said.."FUTURE PROOF."

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The story is too old to be commented.