James Bond 007: Blood Stone - Great Action, Average Graphics

Activision showed James Bond 007: Blood Stone at a Gamescom presentation. published their impressions.

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DigitalRaptor2715d ago

I dunno, from what I've seen the graphics looks pretty good. Obviously it's no Uncharted or Gears of War in terms of visuals, but that doesn't matter. Looking forward to this.

ShabbaRanks2715d ago

I like Daniel Craig as james bond and this game does look fun... Maybe I will get it...

stuntman_mike2714d ago

Yeah Daniel Craig is my favorite Bond too. this and GoldenEye look really good.

stuntman_mike2715d ago

yeah seeing as this game will be on ever console under the sun dont expect it to have the best graphics. but still the game looks really good.

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