13 killer Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood facts

We've just free-run our way in back from an awesome Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood demo at Gamescom.

Moments ago, we were being gifted vital intel from mission director Gaelec Simard. Now we sit here typing - sporting our cowl and Auditore cape - and we're ready to reveal things that will have fans of the series rejoicing at Brotherhood's amazing new features.

Okay enough talk - and on with the action... Here's what we've learned:

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Anime-Vixen3037d ago

Seriously It better be free!

SeanRL3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

It won't be, and stop with the hearts. Imma report you for spam for spamming hearts.

OT: If you plan DLC for a game before it comes out then there is no F*cking excuse not to put it in the game before release or make it free. I won't be buying this after the bullshit they pulled with AC2.

Edit: It's not a stupid reason, they took out part of the game. I'm not gonna pay for part of a game, I pay for the whole thing.

cool cole3037d ago

Pretty stupid reason but whatever.

ECM0NEY3037d ago

right just rent the game u dont need DLC to have fun

Quagmire3037d ago

Parachute? Holy shiznit, did I read that right? Would make the "Leap Of Faith" a helluva lot more interesting. Damn, Leonardo Da Vinci, what COULDNT he invent?