Five terrible decisions that changed the video game industry

When you have an industry that spans 50 years and incorporates as many companies as the video game industry has, you're going to run into some tough decisions here or there, with poor outcomes. Some of them are fairly innocuous, like when a lousy game tarnishes the reputation of an otherwise great company. Other times, you have some decisions that seemed like a fairly good idea at the time, but end up sending a company spiraling into bankruptcy.

There are some decisions, however, that have such monumentally bad consequences that the face of the gaming industry is completely changed. Here are five that didn't seem bad at first, but ended up completely changing the industry.

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pixelsword2988d ago

Time will tell with kinect; give it a chance to succeed or fail on it's own merits and advertising, Speaking of which, good advertising has saved a product or two from failing and bad advertising has caused many a product to fail.

R2D22988d ago

1.$600 PS3
4.Too Human
7.Removing BC from the PS3
8.360 Disk Trey
9.Giving Aaron Greenturd a job
10.Giving Krazy Kaz a job

poindat2988d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

If that's all you can come up with, then you must be like 7 years old with this being your first gen. It's pretty sad in a humorous way. No really, I literally lol'ed.

niceguyWii32987d ago

no way the ps3's price is over something like rrod that has cost how many millions?

commander2987d ago


rroded2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

might happen yet tell ya what get me down ta one bub n this account is toast

but even if ya do dont worry kinect will still suck n msfangirls will cry over the death of the 360 brand. (2012 rip) Maybe you can hang out with the sega dreamcast fanbois... n/m i forgot those guys have some pride after all the dreamcast was a great system unlike the POS ms released. (the 360 that is the original xbox is a great console)

so let the people vote bubs if ya agree or debub if ya want this account ta go poof.

pixelsword2987d ago

5. non-dedicated Kb/M controls for consoles. If consoles could guaranteed a strong Kb/M community, a lot of PC games would be on consoles and vice-versa.

4. The early PC/console divide. In the TI-994-a days a person could easily get hooked on playing games with superior graphics and programming in BASIC. The fact that games weren't made to be cross-compatible or consoles to use cheaper chipsets started a rift in the gaming community that is still prevalent today.

3. The NES and Super Nintendo's stranglehold on creativity. It was also a factor to purchase the PS1 when even the demos came with blood-spattered animations

2. Not that Nintendo chose cartridges, but everyone else chose CD's at the butt-end of the PS1 gen where prices were cheap enough and the chips were powerful enough to make what the PS1 was. It pissed-off Sega owners to the degree that they didn't invest in DreamCast (the best system that gen) and every upstart developer went PS1 so much so that it drowned the PS2 in games to the degree that it also made the original xbox not sell as much as it should have.

1. E.T. = almost crushed the industry for good.

Christopher2987d ago

#2 and #4 are pretty much the same reason. I think there's room in there for something else.

iPad2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Microsoft releasing a console with outdated hardware.

If you think about, this gaming generation is basically the same as last gen, but with HD support.

The multiplatform games could of been what the PS3 is offering!

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DigitalRaptor2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I'd like to highlight something.

#5 - The only greedy company of the 'Big 3' this generation is Microsoft. Sony's $599 PS3 could not have been priced any lower, Sony were already offering great value for that price and still bleeding money. They were offering the customer more than what they it was worth at the time (around $800-900). That's not greed in my books.

Microsoft got greedy by charging for things that should either be free (XBL) or were overpriced. The actual 360 was relatively well priced, but MS uses upselling tehniques to charge for overpriced proprietory add-ons such as Hard drives, wi-fi, etc. All this added to up to make the 360 more expensive overall than it should have been.

T9X692988d ago

That is why you use your head and don't buy that overpriced crap :)

I still have the same 20GB HDD that came with my Xbox years ago, and just used USB sticks for storage. Never bought that wireless adapter crap, or HD-DVD (I got a PS3 for that) etc. Each system has its fair share of "overpriced" accessories, its all a matter if you choose to buy them or not.

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djfullshred2987d ago

I'll chime in on the early PS3 price... It is just not factual to say the price point was based upon corporate greed. They sold them at a retail price that was lower than what it cost them to make them.

iceman062987d ago

They were really tied to the idea of seeing this product actually last for 10 years. Sure, they could have gimped the PS3 up front and then got you on the back end with add-ons or something. But, I understood when I purchased it what I was getting...brand new tech. That is a cost that I was willing to absorb.

TheSoundDefense2987d ago

The thing is, did the PS3 have to be as powerful as it was? It's not like the PS3 was sent from on high and they were forced to price it. They had absolutely every say in how much the machine was going to cost when they were making the thing.

alphakennybody2988d ago

lol the ps3's price back then was definitely a steal, It's real price was around $900+ during that time. I don't see how that is viewed as greedy, quality doesn't come cheap.

dizzleK2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

The thing is that it didn't have to be $900, Sony simply needed a trojan horse for their new technology.
What real benefit has blu-ray brought to gaming? Are the games longer? No. Do they have more content or features? No. Smarter a.i.? No.

What I do see are installs, longer load times and in alot of cases inferior graphics. Blu-ray being "necessary" for gaming is possibly the biggest lie ever perpetrated by the industry.

iceman062987d ago

Blu-ray is not necessary for gaming, but it sure as hell doesn't hurt. Longer loading times, long installs, and inferior graphics are usually the result of devs that aren't comfortable with the PS3. If you look at the exclusives, you see there is a difference. Most of those things are negligible at best. The multiplatform conundrum is responsible for the Blu-ray not being utilized to it's max. So, no it is not needed...but ask any dev that is going multiplatform and they will say that it is definitely a luxury to have it.

nsky1712987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

With the PS3 having a built-in blu-ray drive ,it pushed more blu-ray movie sales,pushed more HD TV sales, which pushed developers to make games with higher resolution graphic and faster frame rate.

Since it uses a Blu-ray drive, HDMI port on the PS3 is a must. Which pushed HD digital connections from HDMI 1.2 to HDMI 1.3, so now more are going digital instead of the analog for wiring. And because they used HDMI 1.3 , they can now make 3d games because their bandwidth is enough for it. which give them another reason to push 3d TV.

by the way to answer some of your other questions, Gran Turismo, and the 3d games that are coming out.

alphakennybody2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

do you hear yourself talking? this is not 2006 anymore? blu ray has proven to be indeed great for gaming, the exclusives speaks for it. Tell me how how blu-ray isn't needed after seeing all those featrure in GT5?

gunnerforlife2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

neva mind just took to long to load :/

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