SEGA Rally: Revo - 18 New Screens

Sega has released 18 new screenshots of SEGA Rally: Revo, the next-gen offroad racing video game scheduled for Winter 2007 release date.

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nomuken3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

PS3 was lead platform, i dont think the 360 version has been seen yet, alot like burnout paradise. All the screens your seeing are PS3 version. So dont get confused. lol. Looks great BTW.

Edit: Jenzo, yer i know that, And? BTW my PS3 hardly gets used. I only have two games. lol

InMyOpinion3753d ago

Who cares when Dirt is already available? On the 360 at least.

jinn3753d ago

is anyone really going to buy this garbage? meow!