Core gamers "will love Kinect" according to Microsoft bigwig

Microsoft head, Chris Lewis said that he expects to see “hybrid experiences” on Xbox 360 meaning that they could attract gamers with titles for both Kinect as well as traditional controllers, therefore they would be able to target both ‘casual’ and ‘core’ gamers.

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rroded3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

"a Microsoft head, Chris Lewis said...

He also indicated that he believes that the majority of core gamers, “will love Kinect for 360,” and that ”they”ll love the navigating round their 360 via hand gestures.They’ll love that they can jump into a game like Joy Ride, which should really appeal to the hardcore community.”

Lewis also explained that Microsoft are committed to core gamers and that they will continue to bring the big titles that help them establish the brand with the more serious of gamers, with games like Fable III, Halo: Reach and the Gears of War."

not so many big titles left n even good games like halo or gears will burn out eventually. Id say Kinect shows how disconected they are form their fanbase. All those who support em n own their console jus got a big kick in the balls.

mrcash3016d ago

Honestly the biggest games keeping them alive are the cod games the 360 fanbase eats them up every year. I would know most my friends buy them.

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Cevapi883016d ago

core 360 gamers, how many of you are genuinely interested in this device??
im being serious, i really want to know how many 360 gamers who are into Halo, GeoW, Fable, ME and so on are actually excited for a device that has yet to show a game for someone over the age of 10

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alien6263016d ago ShowReplies(2)
longcat3016d ago

of course it will appeal to core gamers!!!

Casuals will buy it and sales will improve.

Its all about teh sales

alien6263016d ago

M$ is all about the sales...look at wat they said about ME2 going to ps3 they said they got a lot of sales on xbox...they dont even know how much is going to sell on ps3 and they already saying they did better on sales

catguykyou3016d ago

I don't want it. I don't want Move either though. Heck, I would be happy if Nintendo went back to classic controls. I'm tired of the gimmicks.

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mrv3213016d ago

I'm a core game and I do love mocking the Natal commercials... man they are so fake.

r0gueZA3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

@rroded - lol

2FootYard3016d ago

I would love smashing Kinect against Steve Ballmers head.

bustamove3016d ago

I'm with you there. I don't know whether the people at Microsoft were drugged or something but they are freaking NUTS to think this thing will sell to the hardcores.

ozlacs3016d ago

Oh My God....we should do this...and after every blow he just screams "Developers Developer...developaz...devoro pops" until he died...this would also give you the 100G achievement(Gold trophy)On the Ball-mer

GuruStarr783016d ago

They should make some kind of navigation controller to go with Kinect, so the games are not all on rails.....then, it might stand a chance....otherwise....forget it.

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BeaArthur3016d ago

Yeah really, I haven't seen anything but shovel ware and games on rails. No thanks.

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