EA/Valve Deal Coming To An End?

NowGamer: Portal 2 has been dated, but Valve has yet to confirm the involvement of publisher EA...

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2FootYard3011d ago

Valve should run free and wild!

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iammason3011d ago

Valve should renew their partnership, even though they COULD possibly do with out it. I`m loving all the support PS3 is getting, even though I play mostly on my 360.

ATiElite3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Gabe Newell and Valve are going to do it their way which happens to be the best way. EA has ZERO leverage over Valve.

EA has nothing to do with Valve. Valve just let EA distribute a few games for them for the consoles and that's it. Valve is self contained except they need a distributer for retail copies that's it.

Valve gets 100% ($49.99) profit from games sold through Steam PC and Mac

Sony gets $15 dollars per Valve game through Steamworks/PS3 Valve gets the $35

retail units sold are $10 Sony $10 Store $30 Valve if they even decide to sell PS3 retail version.

EA wants too much money for retail rights which would push the game to $59.99 and Valve has been trying to stay at $49.99 for Portal 2

so Portal 2 Xbox 360 is $59.99 you can thank Microsoft's greedy ass for this.

hassi943010d ago

I bet none of those figures are correct.

chak_3011d ago

as long as EA games are still on steam I couldn't care less.

lowcarb3011d ago

Does Valve really need EA? I thought EA was evil and messed everything up awhile back. Funny how now a certain group of fanboys love them.

iammason3011d ago

No, Activision is the new evil company now these days >:D

EXID3011d ago

i have no idea what you're talking about, but i think you're about 3-4 years behind the trend... ea USED to be a shit company, but the past few years they've proven they can make good games and they have great ip's now.

sikbeta3011d ago

This Gen EA at least tried, while Activision gets the free pass on the crap they make, no one is good but Activision is by far the worst...

lowcarb3011d ago

NO I'm not behind on any trend. It's quite obvious that Ea has done a few things in favor of the PS3 crowd to make them happy and built this we are now cool image. Funny how you guys don't even know why you like them so much now.

STONEY43011d ago

The reason people like EA now has alot more to do with Mirror's Edge and Dead Space than their PS3 favoring.

candystop3010d ago

PS3 was the lead console for both those games. You just answered your own comment. Carbs is spot on!

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Cajun Chicken3011d ago

That would be huge if Valve had no-one else to publish.

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