Why Sony is wrong about 3D video games

GamesRadar writes: "Another Sony press conference, another huge block of time dedicated to the idea that 3D gaming is the future. It’s a strategy that’s typified Sony’s public appearances of late, to the point that it now threatens to outweigh the amount of stage time given to pie charts and sales figures. And you know how much Sony loves banging on about sales figures."

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BulletToothtony3043d ago

going on a hunch here but let me guess....

Because the author doesn't own nor can afford one..

AtatakaiSamurai3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

Why Sony is wrong for competing with Sega and Nintendo

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Why Sony is wrong about introducing a PS2 competing with Sega and Microsoft

Why Sony is wrong for using DVDs for gaming

Why Sony is wrong for making the PS3 multimedia instead of just a gaming machine

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Why Sony is wrong about everything all the time PERIOD!

Domer253043d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. Bubbs up.

catguykyou3043d ago

I hope it fails simply because I don't want to wear the glasses. Now, I do hope that 3d gaming sticks around long enough for the non-glasses based systems. That will truly be when 3d gaming becomes a standard feature instead of a bullet point on the back of a game case.

harv0523043d ago

I just bought a 50" plasma 3D TV for 1999$CAD and got 2 pairs of glasses, a 3D Blu ray player, and a 3d movie for free. It's not that expensive anymore...

catguykyou3043d ago

Just wait till you need another pair of glasses. Just one costs as much as 199.99

DA_SHREDDER3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

How is something that is an option wrong? Thats like saying you dont like having 24 inch rims on your car when you don't even have enough money to buy them in the first place. Fing losers.

LOL, It isn't our fault that your just a bunch of broke asses that cant afford a ps3 let alone a HD 3-D tv. Why ruin our experiences because you live on welfare? Shit I know people on welfare that can afford one. You must be totally shit out of luck man.

Bloodyghost3043d ago

Why buy a HD 3DTV with Shutter Glasses Which for a great overall package costs a few thousand dollars for gaming?

Also why buy that when the New 3DTV that does not need Active Shutter Glasses is around the corner and even Wrap Around TVs are starting to come out of Post Production?

I am sorry that I do not have a few thousand dollars laying around to get one. I am sorry that everyone who works for bills is considered on welfare because I they can not buy anything thats expensive and unpractical.

BeaArthur3043d ago

So you're totally missing the point. He's saying they are using a lot of resources to promote a technology that is extremely expensive and is probably not going to have a massive adoption rate for some time (assuming it ever really takes off). Let's be honest, 3D has been around for decades and it is just not attempting to break into peoples homes. If it was all that great wouldn't we have had 3D TV's earlier? I've been to Best Buy, I've seen them in action and it's pretty cool but I'm not spending a couple of thousand just so I can wear sun glasses while I watch TV...and don't be surprised if a lot of people feel the same way.

CYCLEGAMER3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

I bought a 46" for $1100 (not expensive if your buying a high end hdtv) after I sold my old tv for $850 and I thought of it like this, did I watch avatar in 3D with glasses on (yes) did it bother me (no). Its not like I have to sit there and watch everything in 3d. If I wanna watch or play something in 3d I can. IT IS AN OPTION PEOPLE!!! They are not pulling the plug on hd to make everything 3d (like the analog situation)so stop hating on the technology and enjoy it if you can!

@BeaArthur, to answer your question yes DIFFERENT forms of 3d have been around for a while, but it is finally in hd and affordable enough to be brought to your home at low cost to the manufacture and recently to the consumer

2FootYard3043d ago

I'm not spending a bunch of fucking cash on a crap that will only make the game experience marginally better. Actually the experience will hardly be different at all.

Cloudberry3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

That's the time where MGS4 & Killzone 2 in the mark.

Of course I saw the doom articles, no games, or how blu ray would fail, etc.


Here we are.

3D would be the next test I assume.

Honest_gamer3043d ago

Hey man well try being here from the start of this website were all the articles were ps3 doom articles and there was only about 10 PS3 fan boys everyone else was 360 fans but most of them have left this site or are just less active since the ps3 momentum picked up hell they even made songs about the ps3
Heres some links
“how to kill a brand”
I love the start of that song “despite no new and exclusive games” ahh 3 years later and look at the games.....exclusive games that is
“no fricken games”
Its weird they two songs are actually quite good lol
Well I guess for the lolz of it ill post some 360 songs
“red ring of fire”
I don’t know the name of the next one its just called “xbox 360 song”
im thirsty time for some pepsi

iamnsuperman3043d ago

There only wrong because of the tech being expensive but this was the same when 1080p hd tvs came out and now you can pick one up for around £300. I like the idea because they more they push 3d gaming the tv companies will develop more 3d enabled tvs which will eventually become cheaper.

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