More Arkham Asylum Secrets? Hidden objects hint at new villains

Rocksteady confirmed that there are a lot of hidden 'hints' in Arkham Asylum revealing features and ideas for Arkham City. Here's a run down from on what villains and characters are hinted at to appear in the sequel.

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cyborg3016d ago (Edited 3016d ago )

That's pretty deep I must say. If all these villains actually make an appearance in Arkham City, I must say rocksteady is"doing" a pretty fine job at making games about the "World's Greatest Detective" since they are not "half" bad at setting up clues and puzzles themselves. I friggin can't wait to play this game. Also, another trip to Arkham Asylum is in order now. Very nice post. Thanks!

rdgneoz33016d ago

Those weren't hidden hints. They were riddles that were spread out throughout the game, that if you go to the riddle menu, it'll show you which ones you haven't found yet. And the maps you find throughout the game show the location of all the riddles. Those weren't that secret at all, not like the hidden wall one. Also, some of the riddles included were about villains that were in the first game.

antz11043016d ago

Game Informer confirmed Catwoman, Two face, Hugo Strange, and maybe the Riddler. Spoiler: The Ghost of Arkham is Quincy Sharp (you find that out if you scan all the stones), so yeah, he's the mayor so he's def in it.

I wanna fight Clayface, and def Croc again!

ShabbaRanks3016d ago

I hope we get to drive his car this time around :0 ...