Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep GamesCom 2010 Trailer

Here the GamesCom 2010 Trailer of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep !

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3013d ago
FiftyFourPointTwo3013d ago

Damn, that new secret boss Aqua is fighting. Looks vicious. O_O

ProgidalSon3013d ago

I've been a fan of KH since the beginning. I still think the first one is the best one, unforgettable no matter what age you are. I just don't consider Birth by Sleep a "true" KH game, wish I had a PSP though.

What Square needs to get done is Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PS3.

HelghastKid3013d ago

I agree, the first one is still the best however i was reading a review by rpgland i think and they said this one comes so close to being as good as 1. Definitely need to buy this

FiftyFourPointTwo3013d ago

Patience, and we'll get our KH3. Nomura said once BBS, 358/2 days and Coded (in Japan) are out they can start thinking about KH3. Having said that, I strongly advice you to still play this game. Believe me, I already know almost the entire story and you'll probably regret it later on once the future KH games are out. The story in this game is much much deeper than you think it is.

raztad3013d ago

I'm just curious about why you dont consider BBS a "true"KH game.

I've read things like: BBS is the best KH since the first. It sounds a lot like a proper KH game,

ProgidalSon3013d ago

Well it's worthy of being a KH game but the reason it's not 'proper' is because it's not on console. It's not on par with the current generation - the graphics are largely unchanged, the engine is still the same, the mechanics are too familiar. That's not to say it isn't good, but it isn't the NEXT installment of the series. That's why Square hasn't given its title a numerical part in the series.

The way I see it, it is part of the KH2 epic arc, part of those stories. KH3 will be proper because it will be on the PS3, KH creator said he will take it to the next level.

rezzah3013d ago

ohhhhh shyt that trailer is epiiiicc.

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