GameSpot: uDraw GameTablet First Impressions

GameSpot writes: "THQ is prepping its uDraw GameTablet, a graphics tablet Wii peripheral, for a "holiday 2010" release in North America and an early 2011 launch elsewhere. We were shown a near-final prototype of the device: a white, 9-by-7 inch pad that is an inch and a half deep into which the Wii controller (minus MotionPlus add-on) slots in on the left side. On the right is the blue-bordered drawing area, rather smaller than the full area of the tablet (6-by-4 inches) but allowing one-to-one correlation, we're told, between the movement of the stylus and what appears onscreen. The stylus handles well, though this isn't the pinpoint accuracy of a professional graphics tablet--it's got a chunkier, toylike feel and gives results accordingly."

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