Gran Turismo 5: Let's Go Night Driving! (Gameplaybook)

Gameplaybook takes an in-depth look at one of Gran Turismo 5's most intriguing features, being able to take part in racing events at night. You may never race during the daytime again.

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AK463012d ago

Such a graceful looking game.

AtatakaiSamurai3012d ago

GT has had night driving in GT3&4 on the PS2 so how come night driving seems to be awesome feature that GT never had in the past?

btw, game is for sure GOTY. If this is not goty material then lord help us.

PirateThom3011d ago (Edited 3011d ago )

Because it's a definitive feature that only definitive racers have.

Also, I have no idea, night races have been a staple of the series for some time now... it's like saying "it will have a Skyline".

Crazyglues3011d ago

I can tell you exactly why it's seen as such a big feature, -because even though GT3 & 4 had this on PS2 a lot of gamers never really played that one...

Some of these new gen gamers are pretty young, so to them all of these things seem amazing, you also have those who skipped some versions like my cousin who played GT1 but only now came back to the series on GT5p so when he see's night racing he's pretty excited.. (never really seen that before)

I use to look at games from just my perspective, but then I realized while I was gaming a whole generation just came up from out of no-where and are now gaming.

I actually have friends who have only played GT5p, crazy I know, but they are out there... LoL (I always tend to think people have played at least one of the other GT's before)

-but even those people are amazed at the graphics, so this is going to be a huge seller - it's also a great game for even if your not a true gamer, and maybe don't have much time. This is the one game you can get, and have a lot of fun playing for a long period of time.


Poseidon3012d ago ShowReplies(1)
Redempteur3011d ago

i like night driving and i like snow driving too

Bellcross3012d ago

Simply amazing looking game, GT5 has raised the bar on quality.

AtatakaiSamurai3012d ago

... again.. and again.. and again

TheDCD3011d ago

The reason it's such a bigger deal on PS3 is simple. It actually looks more like you're driving at night rather than this big, dark racing game. Polyphony Digital really put a lot of work into it, and it shows.

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