FFXIV 360 paused and not cancelled, talks with MS still going, says Tanaka

VG247 Writes:

Final Fantasy XIV producer Hiromichi Tanaka has told VG247 the MMO has not been cancelled for Xbox 360 – only put on hold, despite previous reports.

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Dragun6193013d ago

Hm, what will Microsoft do? Will they let them to play together with PS3&Pc users or will they want their players on their own severs?

darkcharizard3013d ago

Microsoft hammered a nail in its own foot.

Lifendz3013d ago

Then when this game flops, Square will have to take an honest look at itself rather than point to exclusivity.

-Ikon-3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Life CONGRATS biggest joke post of the day..

Imperator3013d ago

I really don't understand why SE are so in love with MS. It's getting beyond rediculous. The 360 crowd cannot and does not want was SE has to offer. When will SE learn their lesson.

lowcarb3013d ago

And how do you know what the 360 fanbase wants? Just a question.

Gray-Fox3013d ago

1st Most sold 360 game: MW2
2nd Most sold 360 game: Halo 3
3rd Most sold 360 game: CoD4


niceguywii603013d ago

I have a feeling FF Versus will be announced for the 360 at TGS.

theonlylolking3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

It might happen. If it does then FF series has been ruined.

catguykyou3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

I wish that the events would unfold as so.

PS3 version of FFV: 13 comes out.
Half a year later, they decide to port to 360.
Work on port as total afterthought but still actually try to do it well.

See how close it is compared to already released PS3 version.

This way, no one can claim the 360 version gimped the PS3 version. Also, it gives the devs time to actually not half ass the port.

Be interested in how that would turn out.

Would anyone really be upset by that happening? Its my understanding that people hated xiii coming to 360 because they felt it gimped their PS3 version.

ps: I actually liked ffxiii. I felt it was different but in ways I expected. The devs were very vocal about the changes they were looking to make and I could very easily see those changes in the game. I got the PS3 version cause it looked nicer. :)

2FootYard3013d ago

Sounds like a nice plan Cat Guy.

Bloodyghost3013d ago

Most of the FF games are now just good or great nothing like they where in the NES to Playstation days.

nickjkl3013d ago

im having that same feeling

square enix wants their games on 360 they keep on talking about 360

Crystallis3013d ago

"im having that same feeling

square enix wants their games on 360 they keep on talking about 360"

You people are confusing Nomura and other SE dev teams. They are totally different especially when Nomura calls the shots for his games.

OneSneakyMofo3013d ago

It doesn't matter anyway. I'm not hopeful for any Final Fantasy games. The last decent one they did was FFX - everything after that has sucked.

Gamer_Z3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

What about FF13 Versus

Dance3013d ago

i have that feeling too

Bellcross3013d ago

I have a feeling it wont, see what i did there?

Shadow Man3013d ago

We can only hope. *Saves 4DLDVDS just in case*

SephireX3013d ago

Lol be lucky to fit it on 4.

CryofSilence3013d ago

Not if Nomura gets a say in it. He's adamant about only developing on one platform for optimization.

Obama3013d ago Show
Crystallis3013d ago

FFVSXIII will not get announced for the 360 at TGS. If anything if will be announced sometime later after TGS for the 360, something like E3 2011. They are not going to announce and game that was first mentioned to be a ps3 exclusive and then say all of a sudden it will arrive on the 360 in Japan. There will be a riot in Japan is this happens.

I still believe VS will stay exclusive but were are talking about SE here.

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DA_SHREDDER3013d ago

@ niceguy

Do you really think Nomura would wanna ruin his image by having to gimp his game to simply put it on the 360?

albel_nox3013d ago

are good for everybody. Except the fanboys of course but nobody cares what they think.

Gamer_Z3013d ago

yeah thats why im buying the superior Wii version of call of duty (rolls eyes)

pixelblades3013d ago

But the Wii is so safe! What about the children shooting off terrorists heads?! They need friend codes!

Crystallis3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

"yeah thats why im buying the superior Wii version of call of duty (rolls eyes)"

LMAO..bubbles for that one.

Hacker3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

Cancel the game Microsoft because i'll get the game for PC the superior version anyway so no point purchasing a ps3 lol.

ArcFatalix3013d ago

you want one for ff14? hahaha

so its clear that these 360 trolls dont have ps3

BeaArthur3013d ago

Is that any different from the PS3 trolls?

NatureOfLogic3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

@ BeaArthur

"Is that any different" from the trying to play neutral stealth trolls?

the list goes on

Bellcross3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

You seem a little more butthurt than usual, did the news about Mass Effect 2 going to PS3 made you sad?

cheer up you have Kinect, Dance central and Skittles to look forward to. :D

Whackedorange3013d ago

+++ a bunch of uannouched MS titles, unlike Sony they dont advertise their games 5 yrs before they came out, two exceptions though, AW and Too Crap (Human)


whackedorange care to list some out soon

mrv3213013d ago

It'd still be nice if Microsoft would announce a game or two...

Ok, Most of Sony's games are announced 18 months before they come out, last I check 18 months isn't five year.

Newtype3013d ago

i dont think your weakass PC can handle FFXIV.

460 nVidia?

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