NowGamer - Gamescom 2010: New BioShock 'Prettiest Game Ever'

NowGamer reporter and X360 Magazine Editor Simon Miller claims after his live demo of BioShock Infinite that it is "The best-looking game I have ever seen."

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Baltis3011d ago

I think it looks repugnant and offensively bad.

RememberThe3573010d ago

I would expect nothing less.

UnSelf3010d ago

i think he thinks this is a site for different types of excrement, because he doesnt like shit here

2FootYard3011d ago

The two prettiest games ever, Okami and Wind Waker, shall remain the two prettiest games ever. Non the less I will still enjoy looking at the scenery in this like I did with the first Bioshock.

aviator1893010d ago

I still play Wind Waker and its gorgeously unique visuals mixed with solid gameplay suck me in every time.
Nothing like sailing through the sea with your dragon-boat-buddy as the waves crash in the distance and you see yourself heading into a storm of rain and thunder.
I haven't played Okami, but that game looks equally outstanding as well.

UnSelf3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Okami is too gorgeous for words.

what made it oh so much better is that i bought the game Day 1, played it for like 3 hrs max, put it in its case and never played it again for 2 years.

I broke it out about a year ago, and now its one of my top 5 games of all time

Playerz83010d ago

This game is coming out in 2012, of course it's gonna be the prettiest game ever. LOL

Blacklash933010d ago

I think the annoying little troll doesn't know what it's talking about.

omegaortega3010d ago

Can't wait to play this on my PC.

zireno3010d ago

I don't doubt that this game will look good, and I'm looking forward to play it, but prettiest game ever... don't think so

Hoje03083010d ago

I'm pretty sure they're referring to the art style.

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