Call of Duty: Black Ops Unusual Solo Campaign Hides Secrets

Kotaku: The line one of the makers of the next Call of Duty uses about the series is that these games are movies we can play. This one will be a war thriller that hides a mystery.

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chak_2987d ago



no buy anyway

T9X692987d ago

Congratulations! No one cares.

dizzleK2987d ago

Movies that we play? Ok then, moar First Blood, less Rambo 3 please. If you've seen the movies you know the difference.

TLG19912987d ago

bored of call of duty maaan

they need to leave it for about 4 years and design an amazing come back game you cant have the same fps every year like sports games its not good for the development

Major Kanimo2987d ago

you can when millions of people rebuy the same game with diff skins and some dlc killstreaks

Skynetone2987d ago

anyway it takes two years to makes these game

the-show-stopper2987d ago

that slow mo headshot cam was in Brothers in Arms Hell's Highway and from wat I've seen in Black Ops its not going to look as nie cause theres no gibbing